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Journey Inward 10 Session $1433

This accelerated, focused 1:1 online series helps to move you past the things that keep you stuck: fear, anxiety, shame, guilt and regret. The primary vehicles used are archetypes, meditations, astrology, and the Akashic Records.

Before we incarnate we all agree to do certain things and learn certain lessons which will involve working with certain people. In the process of doing that we will be closely aided by a team of archetypes that already dwell within us. Archetypes that we need to identify and learn to work with and befriend, to learn their strengths and weaknesses. We will use that knowledge to cast charts in order to tap into the symbolic guidance and grace that is always present.

The charts we can cast and work with include: the Chart of Origin, the Journey of Transformation and the Fate to Destiny Wheel.

The Chart of Origin is the starting point for all other charts.

This Journey is the process of discovering the individual archetypes and then casting them into native houses to better understand what areas of life individual archetypes rule or feel most powerful in.

This is a by appointment individual 1:1 Journey that includes 10.5 hours that cover 10 total sessions. The first session is 90 minutes long, each following session is 60 minutes long.


Oct 02 - 09 2022


All Day



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AE Body Alchemy
AE Body Alchemy


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