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Healing with Flower Essences

The human experience is complex. Therefore, getting to the root cause of an ailment can be a challenge as complex as the humans we are. The root case may very well be physical, but it could just as well stem from our emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies. Flower Essences are an accessible tool that can address multiple layers at once, allowing for deeper healing.

Speaking to us on the topic, is doctor of naturopathic medicine Dr. Brittany Stamer. As a naturopath practicing out of Wellness Minneapolis, her primary focus is discovering the root cause of concern, and partner with the body as it heals physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dr. Brittany Stamer adds energy medicines such as flower essences to further support her prescribed treatments to maximize her patients’ healing potential.

“Instead of (healing) coming from the outside of themselves, it comes from within.”

Dr. Brittany Stamer

During an interview on the Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast, Dr. Brittany Stamer describes how she discovered the power of flower essences. Specifically, she defines how accessible they are, often found in health food stores or can be made right at home!

What are flower essences?

A single essence is the dramatic distillation of a flower. Distilled until there is no more plant matter left in the water. Left behind, is the plant’s blueprint, a vibrational signature that remains imprinted on the water. It’s this imprint that influences our bodies to respond.

“Our world is made of atoms. These atoms are always moving, vibrating, creating a frequency. Each substance has a different frequency that can be measured. Our bodies also emit these frequencies and will differ depending on our state of being and health. The goal of flower essences as well as homeopathy is to cause an energetic shift in the body by gently altering the frequency, and with the hope of bringing you back to a state of health.”

Dr. Brittany Stamer, Naturopathic Doctor

How do flower essences work?

Like other forms of energy medicine, our bodies respond to the vibrations of our environment. The essence carrying the plant’s imprint, or vibration, is ingested as water droplets. Our bodies then react and respond to those vibrations, creating the subtle shifts in mind, body, and spirit that make deeper healing more accessible.

“It does sound like magic, and maybe it is, but it is also a wonderful way to promote healing as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. It is holistic medicine at its finest, focusing on the entirety of a person in order to heal, and harnessing the body’s energy in order to set itself back onto a course of healing.”

Dr. Brittany Stamer, Naturopathic Doctor

Listen to the full episode to hear how Dr. Brittany uses flower essences in her own life. Discover what’s possible.


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