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How Hope Changes Your Nervous System


“Stay hopeful.”

During hard times, we’re sometimes offered similar words. But just how can having hope influence our situations?

Well, it turns out there are a few surprising ways that hopeful thoughts + feelings influence us. I sat down with Amanda Leaveck, founder of the innovative educational platform Science + Magic.

She explains that your heart is right now emitting a measurable field of energy which is influenced by a handful of factors, some of which are your thoughts and emotions. 

This topic is her jam. Amanda has been studying the brain and the body not only through her formal education in neuroscience, but in her experiences as a yoga teacher, dancer, rolfer (study of connective tissue + the nervous system), and her hands-on work with clients.

In the place where mindfulness, neuroscience, and nature intersect, you’ll find Amanda Leaveck. (oooh! a rhyme?)

She’s able to demonstrate just how thoughts and emotions influence body chemistry. It’s this interaction that can be used as a tool to create more ease and balance throughout one’s life. . . and perhaps the lives of others.

“Just by being in a peaceful state in your body, you’re signifying to others around you that they are safe.”

Amanda Leaveck

During an interview for the Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast, I asked Amanda about hope. What impact does hope have on our minds, bodies, and on our communities?

Listen to the full episode. 

Amanda explains that hope is like other high resonance emotions such as love, peace, gratitude, and appreciation. Practicing one of these emotions makes it easier to access the others. 

These thoughts and emotions influence the way we access calm in our bodies. They can calm the nervous system. 

“We can positively influence the biology of the people in the same room as us”


She goes on to explain that the biochemical cascade from these high resonance emotions can not only be measured by instruments, but can also influence other people in the same room. 

So go on, practice hopeful thoughts!

“It’s about finding the tools, creating the space, than making it as yummy as you can so its not something you have to do, but it’s something you just can’t wait to do.”


Listen to the whole episode to hear Amanda’s suggestions on how to start your practice of accessing more high resonance emotions. 

“It feels empowering, and that’s hope.”


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