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How to Start a Meditation Practice


Why meditate?

With the fast paced demand of our growing world pressing against our free time, it can be hard to put aside a quiet moment for ourselves.

This is especially true when we are asked to quiet our thoughts.

The idea itself can seem daunting, and takes time and effort. It is, however, worth every minute!

Meditation is a powerful tool used to enhance our capacity to handle stress by bringing awareness to the present moment. Stillness creates an opportunity for a new thought pattern and a new way of experiencing the world around you to emerge. After each session, a sense of inner peace instills. This euphoria builds the more that you practice.

What are some benefits of regular meditation?

Practicing meditation regularly is the quickest and most effective way to relieve stress in your life, and to bring awareness to your own mental patterns. Awareness of the present is a powerful tool for transformation. This can be used to manifest what you desire in your life, whether it be inner peace, physical health, or deeper connection to others.

Long-term benefits of meditation include:

1. Deeper, more restful sleep

2. Lower blood pressure

3. Better blood circulation

3. Enhanced ability to manage stress

4. Improved memory and concentration

Why practice in a community setting?

Meditation is a form of energy exchange, and can be enhanced by practicing in a group setting. In addition, belonging to a community can encourage you to keep up your practice. We have a group series offered every other Monday at NE Wellness.

What To Expect During Your 1 Hour Session At NE Wellness:

The Max Meditation System is a particular modality that was developed by the founder of the Moden Mystery School, Gudni Gudnason. An enlightened thinker himself, Gudni traveled the world studying with various modalities of healing and spirituality. He developed this style of meditation to accomplish the task of quieting the mind. It is especially helpful for beginners!

The Max Meditation System is a fusion of ancient yogic techniques, mind acrobatics and modern psychology (neuro-linguistic programming).

Throughout the Meditation you will learn tools to help you accomplish stillness. This includes: breathing techniques, full body relaxation, active and passive visualization.

Meditation is the first step in creating the life that you want to live.


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