Infrared Saunas in the Twin Cities

By: Lilly Zaborowski
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Winters in Minnesota aren’t for the faint of heart.  We deal with negative temperatures, biting windchill, and loads of snow that, while beautiful, can make our commute pretty stressful.  Saunas are a great addition to your self care routine in the winter, and infrared saunas in particular have been popping up all over the Twin Cities.

What’s the difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna?

Saunas have been around for over 2,000 years, and the more traditional style uses heated rocks and steam to intensify the feeling of heat in the air within the sauna.  Infrared saunas use light to heat the body to similar temperatures without heating the air. If you’re new to saunas, infrared saunas can feel less overwhelming than the intense heat of a traditional sauna.

Most of the infrared saunas around town are smaller, private spaces, which can be a nice alternative to the bigger group saunas found at most health clubs.  You can book private sessions, or you can sometimes add a person to your reservation to get a reduced rate per person.

Why a sauna might be just what you need right now

Saunas can feel amazing in the middle of winter, in particular, but there are tons of other benefits as well.  While there haven’t been scientific studies to prove (or disprove) any of these benefits, the supposed benefits are plentiful.  Saunas can relieve sore muscles and joints, promote detoxification and boost the immune system, and they improve circulation and sleep quality.  Relaxation is another benefit, and it’s a great time to meditate, enjoy some silence, or listen to calming music.

If you’re under medical treatment for a disease, are pregnant, or have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, you should consult with your care provider before trying a sauna.  It’s also important not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when using a sauna, and you should check that it won’t interfere with any medication you’re taking.

How to get started

As a beginner, you can ease in by starting at a lower temperature and a shorter time frame.  When I tried my first infrared sauna at NE Wellness, they helped me choose the right temperature to start off with, and I gently increased it throughout my time in the sauna.  As your body gets used to it, you can increase your starting temperature and lengthen the time you spend in the sauna. Generally, 30 minutes is the limit.

It’s important to drink lots of water before and after your sauna to stay hydrated, since you sweat quite a bit.  You can also give yourself a little massage or do gentle stretches in the sauna to improve the detoxification and lymphatic drainage.  Many places that offer infrared saunas also offer massage, and these are great services to combine back to back.

Where to try it

There are tons of places around the Twin Cities where you can try an infrared massage.  Check out these ones below, and drop us a comment if you know of a place that isn’t listed here.

Happy saunaing!

NE Wellness (NE Minneapolis)

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center (four locations: Lakeville, Mendota Heights, Eden Prairie, and Annandale)

Core Lifestyle Clinic (North Loop Minneapolis)

Soluna Health and Wellness (St Louis Park)

Awaken for Wellness (St Paul)

Healthy Touch Massage & Wellness (Uptown Minneapolis)

Aurora Spa (Uptown Minneapolis)

Studio Time Out (South Minneapolis)

The Wellness Center (South Minneapolis)

DC Wellness Center (Maple Grove)

Tree of Life Therapeutic Massage (Plymouth)

The Salt Room (Woodbury)

Blissful Balance (Woodbury)

Cleanse MN (Woodbury)

Whole Health Massage (Cottage Grove)

Lilly Zaborowski is the founder of Well Connected Twin Cities.  She’s a holistic wellness enthusiast and believes that everyone deserves to feel good in their body + mind.

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