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Ep 22 Dr. Tiffany Egan | Holistic House Calls

In this episode we talk with Dr. Tiffany Egan about how she’s bringing holistic house calls to the Twin Cities with chiropractic care and acupuncture for new moms and babies.  We discuss what inspired her to become a chiropractor, how acupuncture compliments chiropractic ...

Ep 23 Dr. Brittany Stamer | Healing with Flower Essences

An interview with Naturopathic Doctor, Brittany Stamer. Whose own journey to flower essences has inspired her to incorporate that support in the treatment plans she prescribes.

She describes how flower essences are an a...

Ep1 It All Started With A Little Eczema

Hosts Lilly Zaborowski and Alex Stalberger discuss the beginning of Well Connected Twin Cities. How it was inspired by a little baby eczema, and how it's grown to become a local resource for holistic wellness. Hear the stories behind how they both got started, and what ...

Ep10 Nellie Brau | Dismantling Diet Culture

An interview with Nellie Brau, founder of  Listen Now

Ep11 Dr. Danielle Vogler-Bos | A Naturopathic Approach to Fertility

An interview with Dr. Danielle Vogler-Bos, a Naturopathic Doctor at Minnea...

Ep13 Dr. Karen Lawson + Theresa Nutt | Everyone Benefits from a Health Coach

An Interview with Dr. Karen Lawson and Theresa Nutt,  the Co-Directors of the Masters in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching program at the University of Minnesota.

Karen + Theresa share their insider’s scoop...

Ep18 Talaya Dendy | Self-Advocacy in Cancer Care

An Interview with Talaya Dendy, cancer doula and fierce advocate, describes how developing your own self-advocacy skills can change your life and is mor...

Ep25 Dr. Daniel Schilling | Reprogramming the Brain with QNRT

An Interview with Master QNRT Practitioner, Dr. Daniel Schilling who further describes the mind-body connection and how what we know about emotions, nervous systems, and the brain is optimizing the way we treat conditions and dis-ease.

Discover What's Possible.

This conversation explores the truth about chiropractic care. Local chiropractors give a detailed definition of the practice, the true scope, and the potential for optimizing primary care.


Ep2 Healthy Skin from Within