Kim Lovejoy: Mental Health Gets Physical

By: Alex Stalberger
person holding amethyst crystal in the palm of one hand.

All thoughts come with a chemical attached. Chemicals are physical substances. Therefore, it makes sense that thoughts have a very physical component.

So why, then, is this concept so difficult to grasp? Thank goodness for healers like Kim.

Kim Lovejoy is a somatic experiencing practitioner. Meaning she pays extra attention your physical body’s complex response to stress, chaos, and grief.

Using body-based techniques, Kim supports the release of overwhelm that gets “stuck” in our nervous systems.

Kim helps us understand that various responses to stressful life events during an interview with the Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast.

What is a normal, natural, healthy response to a stressful life event? Events like the loss of a job, daily routine, loved one, or the current global pandemic. 

Surprising to me, Kim defines that type of stress as trauma.

“Trauma occurs when you experience too much, too fast or too little for too long,” Kim explains. Left unaddressed, long-term stress begins to manifest itself in challenging ways, and keeps us from being the best versions of ourselves. 

Kim reiterates that the body is composed of both the physical and the mental body. They’re connected and they are always seeking safety. 

All animals, humans included, respond in a fight, flee, or freeze response for self-preservation. Each of us might manifest that response differently.

What is normal? Kim assures us all that responding differently than others to the exact same stress is very normal.

It’s also very normal to respond physically. High energy, low energy, expressive, or reserved. Kim encourages us to honor that response and avoid judging it if possible.

Kim leads us through a supportive breathing technique to recognize and release stuck energy. Experience it when you listen to the full episode.

Alex Stalberger is the co-founder of Well Connected Twin Cities and practicing holistic health coach. She firmly believes that quality of life is forever changed when we are empowered to take control of our health and discover all that is possible.

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