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Meet the Pros: Jaron Faber

Jaron Faber Meet the Pros

Get to know Dr. Jaron Faber of Statera Health, an integrative clinic providing hyperbaric oxygen and LED therapy in the Twin Cities.

Tell us about your business. What do you do?

We are an integrative clinic that uses functional medicine, chiropractic, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and LED/Red light therapy to help overcome health complications and, furthermore, optimize life experience.

How do you approach your area of expertise (what makes you different?)

Utilizing hyperbaric oxygen and LED/red light therapy in a functional medicine setting is what sets us apart from every other clinic in the metro. We are certified to operate hyperbaric chambers at high pressures to treat all conditions it’s known to help with.

What drew you to this work?

I was accepted to two different pharmacy schools when working at an Edina pharmacy made me realize there is a better way for me to help people who are struggling with health challenges. Diving into the literature on nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplementation, etc and learning about remarkable recoveries without the use of pharmaceuticals is what drew me to functional medicine.

“Utilizing hyperbaric oxygen and LED/red light therapy in a functional medicine setting is what sets us apart from every other clinic in the metro.”

Dr. Jaron Faber

What do you love about your job?

I love seeing patients transition from a place where they really aren’t happy with the way they feel to feeling amazing and enjoying life again.

Describe the person that is best fit for you and your services.

Anyone who wants to take a wholistic approach to overcoming chronic conditions.

What results can people see when they work with you? What’s possible?

The sky is the limit, but the most common benefits patients report are more energy, less brain fog, better sleep, more regular bowel movements, clearer skin and less discomfort. We’ve also had a lot of success in treating neuropathy, long-haul covid, wounds, acute injuries, chronic infections and more.

What do you wish more people understood about what you do?

Even though science and health technologies are always evolving, the tools and treatment methods we are using are nothing new. And, once you formulate a really good treatment plan combining multiple therapies, you can really improve and accelerate outcomes.

What’s fascinating you right now?

If you haven’t caught on to the vibe yet, it’s clearly hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We have so many people seeking our service and we continue to see amazing health transformations so we are looking to put more emphasis on that in our clinic.

In what ways do you find yourself working alongside other health + wellness professionals?

Neurologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, Lyme disease and mold toxicity clinics, regenerative medicine clinics, MD’s, chiropractors and naturopaths are all common referral partners for hyperbaric medicine

What does self care look like to you right now?

I infrared sauna and LED light therapy frequently. I’ll do a few hyperbaric oxygen protocols throughout the year as well. Every once in a while I’ll get a massage from the therapist at our clinic. Exercise a few times per week, once being with everyone at the clinic. I also take plenty of time to myself and to destress.

What do you love about living and working in the Twin Cities?

There’s such a big community for alternative health and the Twin Cities houses some of the top practitioners in their field. Every type of healer is here in the Twin Cities and I love that Well Connected Twin Cities is on a mission to make it all more accessible.

Favorite local restaurants?

Red Cow, Coconut Thai, and Hilltop tavern are a few of my favs

What’s your favorite social media platform, and where can people connect with you on social media?

We are most active on Instagram at the handle @staterahealth_edina

How can people work with you?

Check out our website at for more information or to book an appointment. We offer free discovery consults to help you find out if you’re a good candidate for our care.

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