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Meet the Pros: Mary Langfield

Mary Langfield

Get to know our local health and wellness professionals in the Twin Cities. We asked local coach and energy alchemist Mary Langfield to share a little about her business and what she loves about practicing in the Twin Cities.

Tell us about your business. What do you do?

I help ambitious womxn unsubscribe from perfection and all its physical, mental, emotional manifestations: anxiety, self-criticism, digestive discomfort, etc.

I’ve curated a simple but effective program that helps them become more deeply connected to their own magnificence so you can release not only your need for external validation, but reduce your physical complaints.

What drew you to this work?

I started out as a holistic health coach after finally healing my mood swings, acne, and digestive discomfort after mainstream efforts didn’t pan out. As an avid learner I continue to evolve so my clients can continue to not only heal, but grown on this life journey.

I became a yoga teacher as everything can benefit from a bit (or a whole lot) of mindfulness. Then as my clients asked (after attaining their desired results) will I always have to do all these things forever? Will I always have to be gluten-free and dairy-free? Will I always have to take these supplements and be so careful with my diet…I found classical homeopathy.

What do you love about your job?

I know it is cliche, but I absolutely ADORE working with my clients. Helping them create the health and life they desire is such a gift and seeing how they step into their AWESOMENESS makes me so happy.

What results can people see when they work with you? What’s possible?

It truly varies. My clients gain clearer skin, experience less anxiety, are able to focus and find they have more balanced moods. Many clients experience several shifts at once reduced or eliminated digestive discomfort, they have more energy and sleep better, relief from headaches/migraines, little to no PMS symptoms and more balanced hormones.

But, the main result that I find most of my clients are most jazzed about is that they are more in touch with their intuition and self-confidence. It’s like they find themselves and are more settled into who they are and what they want in this world. It is the coolest!

What do you wish more people understood about what you do?

I try to make the evolution of health as SIMPLE as possible so they can stick with it. I give tools for life so they know what works and how to pivot as they grow and change. We aren’t static and neither is your healing.

What’s fascinating you right now?

Hmm, I’m currently obsessed with reviewing everything (again) from the beginners mind. With the goal of keeping things SIMPLE for my clients, I am also doing the same for myself. I never ask my clients to do something I haven’t done or wouldn’t do.

As a mama for two littles it is about keeping things as EASY and EFFECTIVE as possible. Sometimes (A LOT) we get overloaded with so much information we become stuck or freeze. Coming back to the beginners mind and unearthing something super simple that will have tremendous impact on health is the goal always.

What does self care look like to you right now?

Great question – especially now! I was steeped in a time intensive yoga and meditation practices, which I LOVED and relied heavily upon. Then I had kids…Now my self-care looks like honoring myself and celebrating myself and my needs throughout the day.

It could be savoring a delicious cup or tea or cold-pressed coffee. It might be doing a few yoga poses or journaling on a special topic that reminds me to relax and focus on the present. It could be taking a bath or watching a Avengers movie…

What do you love about living and working in the Twin Cities?

I love that the Twin Cities has so much to offer: theater, art, food, nature and culture.

Favorite local restaurants?

Brasa is still a huge favorite and I have little ones so I don’t get out much…

What’s your favorite social media platform, and where can people connect with you on social media?

Connect with me on Instagram

How can people work with you?

Book an intro session on my website.

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