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Meet the Pros: Tacy Nielson

Tacy Nielson

Get to know our local health and wellness professionals in the Twin Cities. We asked local healer Tacy Nielson to share a little about her business and what she loves about practicing in the Twin Cities.

Tell us about your business. What do you do?

Reiki Healing, Akashic Records Readings, Cupping Therapy and Massage, Reiki Trainings and Retreats.

I help people reestablish the connection to their body and their energy and the wisdom that lives there. I do this by helping my clients to release energetic hooks, clear stagnant energy blocks, release outdated patterns and programs, and build strong physical and energetic boundaries. My goal is to guide people towards a deeper connection to their soul, to their personal power and to their purpose in this life.

What drew you to this work?

I have always been drawn towards guiding and helping people. I spent most of my early working years as a teacher, coach, and instructor. After taking my 200 HR yoga teacher training and then receiving my first Reiki attunement, my spiritual path opened up and I spent a lot of time focusing on my own healing. Now I feel called to be a guide for others!

What do you love about your job?

Witnessing my clients tapping into their own power and connecting to their intuition.

What results can people see when they work with you? What’s possible?

Anything! My clients can expect to feel more deeply connected to who they are, why they are here and how they can best move forward in their life.

What do you wish more people understood about what you do?

I want people to understand that while I am here to guide Reiki and Akasha energy into you, you are in charge of allowing that energy to heal you. You are in charge of being open to receive and being open to release what is no longer serving you. I want people to understand how powerful they already are!

What’s fascinating you right now?

The Akashic Records! Every single time I go into a clients records I am blown away by the power, the healing, and the understanding that lives there. It is so beautiful to be constantly reminded that we always have a space to go where we are totally seen, heard and understood.

What does self care look like to you right now?

Slow mornings. This time of quarantine has given me the space to slow down my mornings and to just be. I drink lemon water, meditate, and then sit outside in my yard enjoying nature while drinking my coffee with oat milk creamer!

What do you love about living and working in the Twin Cities?

I love the sense of community we have here. It truly feels like we all want one another to succeed and grow.

Favorite local restaurants?

Reverie Cafe + Bar, Seed Cafe, Vegan East and Pizza Luce!

Other favorite local businesses in the Twin Cities?

Honu Coaching + Bodywork, Healing Elements, Stone Hope Photography Mississippi Market Co-Op

What’s your favorite social media platform, and where can people connect with you on social media? 


How can people work with you?

I have in person sessions available on Thursdays and virtual sessions available Monday-Saturday. I also have a First Degree Reiki training coming up in September! These can all be booked on my website!

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