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Mental Health

Ep14 Sandra Maurer | Exploring Trauma-Informed Yoga

An Interview with Sandra Maurer, co-founder of Terra Firma. We discuss how trauma-informed yoga can help calm the nervous system and allow the brain to process difficult emotions.


Ep15 Rebecca Keyes | Supporting Grief with Homeopathy

A loss of anything can trigger a grief response. During this conversation, Rebecca Keyes, Certified Classical Homeopath specialized in trauma and grief, ...

Ep25 Dr. Daniel Schilling | Reprogramming the Brain with QNRT

An Interview with Master QNRT Practitioner, Dr. Daniel Schilling who further describes the mind-body connection and how what we know about emotions, nervous systems, and the brain is optimizing the way we treat conditions and dis-ease.

An interview with Kim Lovejoy, who leads us to a deeper understanding of our mental and physical responses to chaos, stress and grief, especially during this time of pandemic, and what we can do today to feel more vibrant.


Ep9 Amanda Leaveck | Hope + Our Nervous System

An Interview with Amanda Leaveck, creator of digital learning + empowerment platform,  Listen Now