Modern Chiropractic Care

By: Alex Stalberger
modern chiropractic care

Is it possible we’ve been underutilizing chiropractic care?

Using chiropractic care only in response to pain is like only having a corded home phone and only picking it up when it rings… in 2020.

Folks, I think we’ve been missing out.

I sat down with 3 women in the industry to better understand all that can be offered through chiropractic care.  

They tell me many don’t understand they are actually doctors having completed many years of medical schooling and board certification.

In fact, they’re primary care physicians and authorized to draw blood, diagnose, order MRIs and further testing, even prostate and gynecological exams!

“We can draw blood… gynecological exams and prostate exams… but we have all that knowledge base so that we are primary care physicians and can help to triage.”

Dr. ShaRhae Matousek

They go on to explain that by using a chiropractor as the primary care provider, we could impact the load on the current medical system. 

Dr. ShaRhae Matousek, Real Health Chiropractic Clinic, firmly believes that by starting with chiropractic care,  we’d be more likely to explore non-invasive options before settling on medication dependence or a more invasive care plan. 

Bonus, we could be more satisfied with the quality of care based on the results of a study done in Illinois.

They help me understand that while you might go to them for pain, it’s very possible you’ll leave with great surprises like eliminated heartburn or improved digestion. 

“People think of us as bone doctors… but the point is relieving pressure on the nervous system so the nervous system can function as it should” says Dr. Kelsey Perrault, practicing chiropractor at Spark Wellness

Chiropractic care is really about “unlocking your innate potential for healing, “ Says Dr. Hannah Steinmetz owner of Dakota Chiropractic Clinic in Apple Valley.

“Chiropractors help you tap into [the unlimited potential of healing], If you are looking for healthcare in a way that you can take back your power… chiropractic is amazing.”

Dr. Hannah Steinmetz

Chiropractors are primary care providers, is this common knowledge? Listen to the rest of the conversation in Episode 6 of the Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast.

Alex Stalberger is the co-founder of Well Connected Twin Cities and practicing holistic health coach. She firmly believes that quality of life is forever changed when we are empowered to take control of our health and discover all that is possible.

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