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Pain Free 2019: Low Back Pain and 4 Steps to Begin Healing

Low back pain is no laughing matter.   It is a leading cause of disability. It has a huge negative effect on the economy.  And all too often low back pain leads to prescription drug addiction, cortisone shots, and surgery.

More impactful than the statistics and the studies is the real life story of how it affects you and your life.  Pain is affects the quality of your health, your relationships, your work, your happiness and peace of mind. If you are feeling frustrated and hopeless you are not alone.  Deep inside, you know there has to be another way.

You don’t want to follow the symptom treating crowd that tells you that you need a quick fix. You are courageous, tenacious and savvy — ready to take action to address the cause, because you believe in your body’s amazing ability to heal. You just need a little guidance on how to get there.

What causes low back pain?

There are many things that can contribute to low back pain.  

Injuries and accidents are one way that low back pain may show up.  Often times, these injuries can be prevented by lifestyle changes which I talk more about below.

Sometimes low back pain creeps up on us over time.  As our bodies adapt to our environments (sitting too much, spending too much time at a computer or in a car / truck, etc.) we can develop postural imbalances that eventually lead to pain and limitations.

My experience with low back came on after the birth of my second child.  My son’s birth was not the cause of my pain, rather it was the final straw that pushed me further out of balance and into pain.  I’ve been there. I had chronic pain and it changed me —

Taking my thoughts – leaving me less focused, less patient and less present in my relationships.

Taking my actions – forced to change my activities and life to accommodate for the pain and limitations.

Taking my time, energy, and money – feeling frustrated and hopeless after trying many things without any lasting relief.

In a sense, the constant stress sucked the pure joy out of each day.

So on some level I get you and what you are going through.  And I’ll share some things that helped me to eliminate my pain and remain pain free over the past 13 years.  As a posture expert I have years of experience helping people discover how they can heal from chronic pain.

Here are 4 basic things you can do to both prevent and heal from low back pain:

1.  Bring your body back into balance by addressing your postural alignment.  

When your joints are aligned, then you are moving more efficiently through your joints and are not putting undue pressure on your spinal discs.   Also if you are aligned then your muscles are balanced and there is no need for muscle tension or pain.

I highly recommend having your posture assessed by a postural alignment expert where you receive an individualized and holistic approach to your healing focused on getting to the cause of pain.  

This process includes assessments, posture photos, and menus of exercises designed to realign your body to create more balance in your body so you can begin to eliminate the pain.  

I offer a complimentary 15 minute consult where you can learn more and I would love the opportunity to connect with you.

2.  Stay hydrated.

Your body is made of mostly water and every system in your body requires water to function efficiently.  For example, water helps to remove toxins from your body, carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells, aid digestion and prevent constipation, cushion joints, protect organs and tissues, regulate body temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure, and so much more!

Begin with drinking a minimum of 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water daily.  Water intake should be individualized and will vary depending on factors like the temperature of your environment, your weight, how active you are.

3.  Healing foods.

Inflammation in the body contributes to chronic pain.  Be mindful of the foods you are putting into your body and whether they are promoting healing or creating more inflammation.

A few of the standard inflammatory foods to avoid include:  sugar, dairy and gluten.

Incorporating lots of colorful veggies, healthy fats and proteins will make your body happy.

4.  Move in anyway that feels good to your body.  

Do your best to avoid positions and movements that intensify pain. Be creative about finding new ways to move that feel good to your body.  And then as you begin to address the underlying causes you find find that your body will be able to do more and more.

I invite you to reach out and connect with me if you have any questions.   

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and pain free 2019!!!

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