Plant-Based or Vegan?

By: Alex Stalberger
Julia ÑYUM Plant Kitchen

“Plant-Based” and “Vegan” aren’t actually the same thing. Julia, founder of ÑYUM Plant Kitchen, makes notable distinctions between these lifestyles, so often used interchangeably.

Veganism is gaining popularity, and for good reason! Increasing the diversity of plants on your plate can ensure that you’re getting a plethora of minerals and nutrients. However, Julia explains that the difference between plant-based and vegan lies in the emphasis of focusing your plate on whole, real, nutritious plants.

To be vegan, is not necessarily to be plant-based, and to be plant-based is not always vegan.

“There are no rules when it comes to plant-based cooking and eating.”

Julia, ÑYUM Plant Kitchen

ÑYUM Plant Kitchen is a plant-based meal preparation service making wholesome, healing foods more accessible to all people.

From a young age, Julia became aware of the connection between her food, her mood, and her skin. Some of the foods she loved didn’t love her back, and she wasn’t alone. She quickly realized that quality, organic, natural foods and herbs are not always accessible to the people who need them. ÑYUM Plant Kitchen was created to change that.

Julia has always been in love with food. From spending her childhood learning traditional Kenyan cooking techniques from family to wowing her high school friends with her latest creation, preparing food has been a lifelong journey of joyful artistry.

“I really wish people knew that there are no rules when it comes to plant-based cooking and eating,” says Julia. “You’ve got to think outside the box. The possibilities are actually endless.”

She goes on to describe that anyone can choose to be a bit more plant-based, without having to commit to a vegan lifestyle. Have fun and experiment! Get curious and creative, or simply let Julia’s meals be your inspiration.

Hear all the ways plant-based and vegan lifestyles differ when you listen to the full podcast episode.

Alex Stalberger is the co-founder of Well Connected Twin Cities and practicing holistic health coach. She firmly believes that quality of life is forever changed when we are empowered to take control of our health and discover all that is possible.

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