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Mental Health |

Ep 57 Christopher Gunlock | Exploring Psychedelics

Christopher Gunlock is a psychedelic preparation and integration specialist and executive director of the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota. In this episode we talk about the benefits of psychedelics, the risks, why psychedelics have been repressed in the United States, and how the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota is bringing people together in community to reduce harm and help people explore what's possible with psychedelics.

Community Wellness | Lifestyle |

Ep 56 Julia Miller | Self Care Practices

Julia Miller is the owner of Julia Elise natural + herbal body products. She joins us on the podcast to talk about how to integrate self care practices into everyday life and how self care relates to community care and vice versa.

Community Wellness | Lifestyle |

Ep 55 Julie Delene | Move As One

Julie Delene is a management consultant who's developed a system called Move As One, which draws on her experience in ballroom dance and Feng Shui to help teams move through stagnation or conflict.

We talk about how this idea of co-creation is gaining momentum (with a lot of ground work already done by the activist communities of the 60's and 70's).  It's also an ancient and natural way for us to operate, and t...

Integrative Health |

Ep 54 Ihotu Ali | Cultural Healing Practices for Birth + Postpartum

Ihotu Ali is an integrative medicine practitioner, researcher, doctor in training, and cultural womb healer. In this episode we talk about the benefits of bodywork before and after birth, how to bring in cultural healing practices to support birth and postpartum time, and why it's important to work with what we have from our own lineage rather than appropriate from other cultures.

Lifestyle | Mental Health |

Ep 53 Anne Murphy | Supporting Death + Grief

Anne Murphy is a celebrant, home vigil guide, and death educator. In this episode we discuss why so many people feel unsupported through death and grief, and she explains what home vigils can look like. She also explains how home vigils and ceremony can help people as they metabolize their grief. While it's not a popular topic, death is something we will all experience. And in a lot of ways, when we bring awareness to death we can also bring more presence into our ...

Integrative Health |

Ep 52 Fauna Gold | Herbalism and The Erotic Blueprint™

Fauna Gold is a clinical and somatic herbalist and Erotic Blueprint™ coach who's passionate about helping people expand their access to pleasure. In this episode we discuss their path from herbalism to working with Jaiya, the creator of The Erotic Blueprint™ system. Learn about the 5 blueprints and how to work with them to expand pleasure as an individual or as a couple.

Integrative Health | Mental Health | Movement |

Ep 51 Dr. Rachel Allyn | Reclaiming Pleasure

Dr. Rachel Allyn is a holistic psychologist, writer, speaker, and self-proclaimed "pleasure expert" who joins us on the podcast to talk about her new book, The Pleasure Is All Yours.

Community Wellness | Lifestyle | Movement |

Ep 50 Julie Shannon Williams | The New Face of Aging

Julie Shannon Williams is a certified yoga therapist who's passionate about changing the way we view aging. In this episode of the podcast we discuss what yoga therapy is and how it works, along with her group coaching program called The New Face of Aging.

Integrative Health |

Ep 49 Katherine Marie | Health Coaching + Breast Cancer

Katherine Marie is a breast cancer survivor and holistic health coach who's passionate about helping others through their cancer journey. As a coach, Katherine walks alongside her clients and provides emotional and practical support throughout treatment and recovery. A cancer coach is a unique and valuable addition to a cancer care team.

Community Wellness |

Ep 48 Arielle Grant | Render Free

Arielle Grant is the founder of Render Free, a wellness and co-working space for self-identified Black and Brown women. She helps us understand why this dedicated space and community is so important, and she talks about how her own experience inspired the creation of Render Free.

Ayurveda |

Ep 47 Dr. Asavari Manvikar | Seasonal Wellness with Ayurveda

An interview with Dr. Asavari Manvikar, founder and lead faculty at the Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda. With training in both Ayurveda and allopathic medicine, Dr. Manvikar helps us understand the different approaches of each. We talk about how Ayurveda emphasizes a customized approach for each unique individual, and how we can work with the external seasons to better support ourselves internally.

Community Wellness | Mental Health | Nutrition |

Ep 46 Allison Mosso | Intuitive Eating + Body Peace

Allison Mosso is a Soulful Health Coach, Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Personal Trainer who's passionate about helping people feel at home in their bodies. In this episode we cover what intuitive eating is, how it works, and how changing your relationship with food can impact your life and the lives of those around you.

Lifestyle |

Ep 45 BONUS EPISODE …and we’re back!

Hear from our host, Lilly Zaborowski, about why we took a break this summer and what you can expect from us this fall season.

Integrative Health | Mental Health |

Ep 44 Anna Klimmek | Happy Food MN

Get to know trained chef and health coach Anna Klimmek of Happy Food MN. She's passionate about helping people connect the dots between what they eat and how they feel, and she shares her own experience of figuring out what foods and habits work best for her.

Lifestyle | Mental Health |

Ep 43 Cynthia Kim-Eumie Shockley | Permission to Play

Get to know health coach Cynthia Kim-Eumie Shockley and hear her story of how pole dancing classes became her unlikely gateway to mindfulness and yoga, ultimately leading her down the path to becoming a health coach.

Integrative Health |

Ep 42 Dr. Ayanna Quamina | Indigo Wellness

Dr. Ayanna Quamina is a naturopathic doctor who's passionate about empowering people to take control of their health. Hear about how she got into naturopathic medicine and how she draws on her background in psychology and health coaching to meet patients where they are and develop a customized treatment plan.

Community Wellness | Lifestyle |

Ep 41 David Motzenbecker | Forest Bathing Experiences

An interview with David Motzenbecker, a certified forest therapy guide who takes groups on forest bathing walks in nature centers around the Twin Cities metro area. Learn about how forest bathing works, what to expect, and how to get started in your own back yard.

Community Wellness | Lifestyle | Mental Health |

Ep 40 Taylor Tinkham | CeMental Break

An interview with Taylor Tinkham, founder of CeMental Break, who's on a mission to promote mindfulness joyfully, colorfully, and publicly. Eliminating barriers to more mindful living by making it fun and accessible.

Community Wellness | Mental Health |

Ep 39 Courtney Iverson | RecuperAcres + Ecotherapy

An interview with Courtney Iverson, owner and proprietor of RecuperAcres, an outdoor ecotherapy facility on the border of Hennepin and Carver counties in Watertown, MN. Hear about Courtney's experience of finding deep healing through time in nature and how that inspired her to turn part of her family's farm into an outdoor nature area for therapists to work with clients in groups or one-on-one.

Lifestyle |

BONUS EPISODE : preview of April and May themes

A quick bonus episode with a preview of what's to come in April and May.

Integrative Health |

Ep 37 Rhonda Fellows | Decolonizing Birth

An interview with Rhonda Fellows, a childbirth educator and birth doula who's passionate about empowering and educating birthers.

We talk about the role of a doula, why it's important to educate yourself on your options when it comes to birth, and she shares her perspective as a Black doula on the realities of racial disparities in the healthcare system.

Lifestyle |

Ep 36 Sarah Longacre | Birth, Yoga, and Blooma

An interview with Sarah Longacre, owner and founder of Blooma, which started as a prenatal yoga studio in 2007 but has grown to be so much more than that.

She shares how she got started in the birth world as a doula, what inspired her to open a prenatal yoga studio to begin with, and how Blooma has evolved over the years.

This is a great episode for anyone about t...

Nutrition |

Ep 35 Alexia Franco Pettersen | Hola Postpartum

Alexia Franco Pettersen is a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, and owner of Hola Postpartum, a meal delivery service specifically for new families during the postpartum time.  

As a culture here in the US, we don't do a great job of supporting new families - many partners have to go back to work within days of a birth, and we lack the traditions of really caring for new ...

Integrative Health |

Ep 34 Kristen Womack | A Fertility Story

Fertility struggles are so common, and yet they each are so unique.  And going through fertility struggles can be a painful and isolating experience.  In this episode, we hear from Kristen Womack about her fertility struggles through two pregnancies, and the support and care she received along the way.

We discuss the importance of feeling seen and heard by your care provider, trusting your gut and balancin...