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Integrative Health |

Ep 37 Rhonda Fellows | Decolonizing Birth

An interview with Rhonda Fellows, a childbirth educator and birth doula who's passionate about empowering and educating birthers.

We talk about the role of a doula, why it's important to educate yourself on your options when it comes to birth, and she shares her perspective as a Black doula on the realities of racial disparities in the healthcare system.

Lifestyle |

Ep 36 Sarah Longacre | Birth, Yoga, and Blooma

An interview with Sarah Longacre, owner and founder of Blooma, which started as a prenatal yoga studio in 2007 but has grown to be so much more than that.

She shares how she got started in the birth world as a doula, what inspired her to open a prenatal yoga studio to begin with, and how Blooma has evolved over the years.

This is a great episode for anyone about t...

Nutrition |

Ep 35 Alexia Franco Pettersen | Hola Postpartum

Alexia Franco Pettersen is a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, and owner of Hola Postpartum, a meal delivery service specifically for new families during the postpartum time.  

As a culture here in the US, we don't do a great job of supporting new families - many partners have to go back to work within days of a birth, and we lack the traditions of really caring for new parents as...

Integrative Health |

Ep 34 Kristen Womack | A Fertility Story

Fertility struggles are so common, and yet they each are so unique.  And going through fertility struggles can be a painful and isolating experience.  In this episode, we hear from Kristen Womack about her fertility struggles through two pregnancies, and the support and care she received along the way.

We discuss the importance of feeling seen and heard by your care provider, trusting your gut and balancin...

Integrative Health |

BONUS EPISODE: preview of March classes, podcast episodes, and more

Hear about what we have coming up this month as we shift our focus to fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support.  We have a lot of great content coming up, especially around postpartum health, which is an area that can often get overlooked in all the preparation for birth.  Check out the episode to get the scoop on what's to come, and how it fits into the bigger picture of what we're building at Well Connected Twin Cities.

Integrative Health | Mental Health |

Ep 32 Jillian Lydell | Getting Support Through Divorce

Divorce is hard.  There’s no getting around it.  Some are harder than others, but whatever the circumstances, it can feel incredibly isolating.  Podcast guest Jillian Lydell helps us understand the stages of divorce, how we can better show up for our friends and family members who go through a divorce, and she explains how a divorce coach can provide really specialized support.

Jillian Lydell is a cer...

Mental Health |

Ep 31 Mike Kosim | Heart Centered Care for Couples

No one likes fighting with their partner or spouse, but in this episode we explore why it can actually be beneficial.  How repairing a relationship can often make it even stronger, and why it's more important to do this repairing than it is to avoid fighting altogether.

Mike Kosim is a Licensed Marriage ...

Lifestyle | Mental Health |

Ep 30 Joe Molinari | When Stress Messes with Sex

An interview with Joe Molinari, a certified sex therapist who specializes in helping people heal from sexual trauma and find ways to move towards pleasure.  

He also helps couples develop deeper intimacy with each other and navigate some ...

Community Wellness |

BONUS EPISODE: preview of February podcast episodes, classes, and more

Each month we'll be giving you a quick preview of what's to come on a quick bonus episode.  In February, we're exploring themes of self love, relationships, sexual health, and reproductive health. These themes will be covered in podcast episodes, on-demand classes, and blog posts throughout the month of February.

Integrative Health |

Ep 28 Andrea Smith | Intentions Before Goals

Holistic health coach Andrea Smith joins us on the podcast to talk about a very common trend that happens around the end of January as new year's resolutions begin to fizzle out.  She explains the importance of aligning with your core values and focusing on intentions before goals.

That all sounds great, right?  But like, what does that mean? 


Community Wellness | Lifestyle |

Ep 27 Nell Rueckl | Bodywork + the Bath House

Nell Rueckl, the founder of Spot Spa, sits down to talk about the power of bodywork and massage, and shares a glimpse into her new bath house concept launching in Summer of 2021 called Watershed.

We discuss a few types of massage and bodywork,  including Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, which Nell describes as "the black diamond" of bodywork.  With over 20 years of experience in bodywork, Nell shares her perspective on how spas have evolved over the years,...

Community Wellness | Lifestyle |

BONUS EPISODE: quick reflection on 2020 and a look at what’s to come in 2021

Host and co-founder Lilly Zaborowski reflects on the last year and how we'll continue to connect you with local holistic wellness resources going forward.

Hear about why we're now bringing you on-demand classes and some other exciting resources we have coming your way this year.


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