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April Jones
Dr. Jessica Sabrowsky

Ep 77 Direct Primary Care with Dr. Jessica Sabrowsky

During this episode of the show, Cynthia brings on Dr. Jessica Sabrowsky, a provider of direct primary care– a version of primary care that could potentially save you and your family thousands of dollars over the traditional insurance models. Dr. Jess shares the stories of what she's seen across her career as a physician in various clinic settings and just what makes an integrative and holistic clinic like Secoya so perfectly poised to transform healthcare. ...
Cynthia Shockley

Ep 76 Our Next Season with Cynthia Shockley

Alex Stalberger reintroduces Cynthia Shockley to the podcast, this time as the new host of the show. Cynthia and Alex revisit the core mission and values of the podcast and give a few insights to where we're headed. ...
Ep 75 Alex Morrall

Ep 75 Defining Wellness – What We’ve Learned Part 1 with Alex Morrall

Special bonus episode featuring Alex Morrall, leader and host of the Twin Cities Wellness Collective. Together we share what we've collectively learned after years developing relationships within the local health and wellness community...
Julie McCormick Podcast

Ep 73 Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture with Julie McCormick

Julie McCormick, owner of Selby Acupuncture, and learn about how Chinese Medicine works as an integrative model of care....
Brenna Erickson Podcast

Ep 72 Directional Non-Force Technique Chiropractic Care with Dr. Brenna Erickson

Dr. Brenna Erickson specializes in a very gentle style of chiropractic care called Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT) targeting migraines...
Mallery Hammers Podcast

Ep 71 QNRT or Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy with Mallery Hammers

Mike Millios podcast

Ep 70 Developing a Wellness Toolkit with Mike Milios

Mike Milios is a veteran and public defender turned health coach and yoga instructor.  Hear about how he found yoga and mindfulness tools at a time when he really needed them, and what led him to begin sharing these tools with others and helping people develop their own wellness toolkit as a health and wellness coach....
Christina Gregory podcast

Ep 69 Reiki and Energy Healing with Christina Gregory

Becky Kleive podcast

Ep 68 Becky Kleive | Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching for Pregnancy + Postpartum

Desiree Ruvalcaba podcast

Ep 67 Desiree Ruvalcaba | Spiritual Coaching + Energy Alchemy

April Jones
Statera Health podcast

Ep 66 Statera Health | Functional Medicine for Longevity and Performance

Dr. Tom Pastor podcast

Ep 65 Dr. Tom Pastor | Chiropractic + Self Care

Angela Kittock podcast

Ep 64 Angela Kittock | Personality Typing for Growth + Relationships

Ep 63 Lesley Koehnen | Pilates + Health Coaching for Healthy Aging