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Ep 79 Creating Sacred Spaces with Carolyn Vinup

In this episode, hear how Carolyn Vinup, Gateways to Brilliance,  has been creating meaningful sacred spaces for her clients using Feng Shui, mindfulness, naturescaping, sound and more across her 24 years in business.

Carolyn Vinup
Founder of HPSS Global, Inc. and Gateways to Brilliance, has been in business for over 24 years.

She is passionate about showering people with kindness, compassion, love and healing light. Her background supports people, places and organizations in a variety of ways: Sound Healing, Feng Shui, Creating Sacred Space with Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies, Mindfulness & NatureScaping Experiences, Life Transitions, Grief, Programs for Moms-Parents-Children & Families, Global Peacekeeper, Teaching, Training, Keynote Presentations and Workshops focusing on Spiritual Development.

She is a BUILDER and loves sharing all the ways she helps expand opportunities and spread joy. She is an event producer with over 30 years of experience and a business consultant and program developer helping individuals and organizations grow.

She is also a wedding officiant and loves LOVE.

In this lifetime, She is enjoying tapping into all her strengths and talents and sharing them with clients that are attracted to her work.

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The first time I read Carolyn VIN ups, bio. I was left with my mouth hanging open because of the breadth of certifications, trainings, tools, and skills that she has acquired throughout her beautiful career. All I will say is that from my perspective and listening to this episode and getting to know Carolyn is she uses these skills from 

to nature, escaping vibrational healing, energy work, the list goes on and on and on. What she is doing is creating. Uniquely sacred. Self care experiences that are tailored to the individual. It gives unique permission for you to experience deep sense of calm purpose, knowing, insert the words you prefer 

But she is creating beautiful space to allow that. To happen for anyone. Whether or not, this is your first sound healing experience. Well, your first Reiki session, right? Sacred healing. Um, first. Uh, tap dance with, uh, your own spiritual health. She is creating a safe space for it. So I absolutely am here for this episode. If you’ve been curious about. 

Your role. And the role of spiritual health and wellbeing in your overall health and wellbeing. This is an episode for you. Hang tight. Listen in, listen up and let’s take a journey as Carolyn shares. Uh, her story, her career, and really helps us understand how these pieces, these many pieces fit in to your health and healing journey. 

 [00:04:06] Cynthia: Hello and welcome to the Well Connected Twin Cities podcast. I’m your host, Cynthia Shockley, and today we are gonna be talking with Carolyn Vinup. She is founder of HPSS Global Incorporated and of Gateways to brilliance. She has been in business for over 24 years, and she is very passionate about showering people with kindness, compassion, love, and healing light.

Her background supports people, places, and organizations in a variety of ways. She provides sound healing funk, creating sacred space with clearing and blessing ceremonies, mindfulness and nature, scaping experiences, life transitions, grief programs for moms, parents, children, families, global peacekeeper, teaching, training, keynote presentations, and workshops focusing on spiritual development.

She’s a builder and loves sharing all the ways she helps expand opportunities and spreads joy. She’s an event producer with over 30 years of experience and a business consultant and program developer helping individuals and organizations grow. She’s also a wedding officiate and loves love in this lifetime.

She’s enjoying tapping into all of her strengths and talents and sharing them with her clients and those who are attracted to her work. So I am super excited for this conversation. Welcome, Carolyn. 

[00:05:31] Carolyn: Hello. Hello, Cynthia. Thank you for having me on. Of 

[00:05:35] Cynthia: course. Well, you know, before we officially hit record, uh, we had a very interesting conversation around your original company name, HPSS Global, and I’m curious if you’d mind sharing, you know, what that stands for and what the evolution of that name was.

[00:05:55] Carolyn: Absolutely. So I’ve been in business since 19 98, 24 years now. My first business was called Vin Up Unlimited, Inc. Cuz I couldn’t be limited . I started creating Sacred Space in 2001. That was my first energy business in 2003. I thought it would be a good idea to combine Vin Up Unlimited and creating sacred space under what is now called HPSS Global.

So it originally meant healing places and spiritual spaces. And I was gung-ho to get all kinds of wellness programs going into corporations. And I hit a roadblock with, um, companies back then, not willing to write a check to a company that had the word spiritual in it. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And so what I did is I contacted my attorney and played their game and understood it’s a whole lexicon thing.

And so I made it an acronym HPSS through Global on there. It’s always been an incorporated business. And, um, as soon as I threw global on it, I started getting calls internationally and I thought, this is so fricking hilarious, . So again, it was just the, the lexicon of what would corporations be willing to write a check to.

And then, um, as I was evolving that business, I actually became a, a speaker bureau. And so then when people would say, What does HPSS mean? I would say happy people sharing stories, . Um, but I still own healing places and spiritual spaces. I still own HPSS Global. I still own Vin Up Unlimited. I mean, I own a whole bunch of URLs still about my businesses, um, because I want to hold onto all that.

I’ve created vibrationally and they keep evolving as I’m evolving. So now in 2017, I created Gateways to Brilliance, which is again, now my focused energy on, um, who I am as a sound heal and a fun way consultant. I never stopped doing any of that. Um, I don’t wanna get too far in, but it’s like in 2000 I became a Certified Fun Way consultant because I’m an event producer and Shui made great sense.

For me on how to up level consciously creating environments. And then in 2001 I started doing sound work, um, because that was an adjustment in shui. And so I really, really gravitated towards all of that. And so through the years, you know, as I was raising my girls, I was, you know, focused on consulting cuz I could make good cash doing that and I could produce events and symposiums and I could make really good cash doing that, but I never let my energy business go.

So it always, I was always doing function way appointments. I was always doing sound appointments. It just different times in my life it’s been more present and now it’s very present. Um, so I’ve been doing function way and sound for 21 and 22 years long story about HPSS Global, but. It continues to evolve, and I hope that’s, if whatever we get out of this today, I hope that’s the invitation to the listeners, is that we are creative beings, and I think creatively expressing ourselves is our birthright.

And that as we evolve, we should be doing different things with all the skills that we are here to share with the world. And I hope that’s the invitation. Keep dreaming, keep desiring, keep attracting, keep growing. Keep trying to shine your light more bright. Because we all need it. And, uh, so it’s, it’s just been my way of expressing Carolyn and all the things you listed, I do all of them really, really well and I love every one of them.

So obviously sound is all around me. The audience doesn’t see my, uh, sacred zone studio or chamber. Um, but it’s all about vibration. All about vibration and what are we cultivating. Yes. 

[00:10:39] Cynthia: And I wanna definitely dive into you being able to paint a picture with your words of the space you created, but I also.

I really feeling cuz gosh, that sounds amazing. To just keep creating, to be in that creative space, to trust that that new idea is something worth pursuing. And so I wonder, because when I also think of that, I also start to feel that fear and like unknown, right? Creep into my body, into my mind. So I would love to hear more about your own journey.

Like what do you think has helped you feel that confidence in self and that, that knowing that your creative pathway is the right one? 

[00:11:26] Carolyn: I think it’s the willingness to keep trying. Just, you know, if you have a desire that feels so right, so aligned, so alive, so connected to who you truly are, then don’t have a.

Keep growing, keep evolving, keep planting seeds because it’s the seeds that get planted that continue to sprout and grow. And not all of them grow. And that’s okay because we learn from that too. We learn from, sometimes we throw seeds all over the place and some of them grow and some don’t. But the ones that grow and that are your consistent desires, they’re going to continue to blossom.

And I think my story is a, a lot of what happens for people. You know, I, we had two daughters and so for me to have our dreams and goals and desires for what we wanted them to have in this planet and in this lifetime, we made choices at different times. So I knew if I could consult for a while. Then I could make really good cash.

And that was an opportunity for us to give them all the experiences that we wanted them to grow into, like boundary waters, 14 day trips. And cuz I wanted my girls to be powerful and strong and know that they could manage and do anything. So I looked at how was I creating abundance in this lifetime, was how I was showering those around me with up level bent and empowerment.

Um, and then obviously I’ve been doing events for a long time. Um, when I was at Opre party Intent Rentals, a sales and marketing director, I did over 300 events a month. Um, so that was really crazy and insane. Um, but also great growth and learning and um, and that provided a lot of prosperity and abundance in our lives as well.

But I never let the energy side. I always kept it alive. And so it just, in different times in my life, things like would grow, like when I was consulting at Normandale Community College and I helped build the integrative health education center. Well back then I had my wellness speakers and I had like 80 people that were under my umbrella.

And then I get this gig at Normandale and all of a sudden I have an opportunity to bring all of these people under my umbrella to a community college where I was able to bring them, um, you know, bring them, uh, marketing arms and a facility that had beautiful classrooms and technology. And I felt like I had my own little mystery school going on for a while.

And, and so I. That’s where I really developed my skills in program development and creating consciousness raising experiences. And so there are no mistakes, no mistakes in what we are invited to try and experience. And then when that was done, I moved on and did some other things. So the theme of my spiritual work always plays into it.

And then as I got more into the consulting world, um, I was not hiding anything. I was like, I’m a fun way consultant. I’m an energy worker. I look at websites from a energy perspective and look at your language. And so there was like ripping it all open. I’m like, This is who Carolyn is. Take it or leave it.

And, um, had great success. So it was just, all of those pieces just continued to give me more courage to be more braver in who I was out in the world. And, um, and so just keep building, keep building, keep building, keep building the skills, keep being willing to grow. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s a lesson and we get to move on.

We don’t get to be, My intention is I don’t wanna be held hostage by my past, so let’s just learn, grow, move on, and, um, keep celebrating the light that we’re here to share. Beautiful. 

[00:16:19] Cynthia: And now that, that thing that drives you, that you’re passionate about is gateways to brilliance. And so can you tell us a little more about that and just the environment you’ve created for this business?

[00:16:36] Carolyn: Well, it is pure heart. It is all of me. Gateways to brilliance is absolutely it is that, that we all have gateways to open to our own brilliance. And um, so stepping back, so in 2000 I became a certified fun wagon consultant. So the house has been blessed every day since the year 2000. And when I have people stay here to take care of my dogs, I ask them to burn inns.

So there’s always, for the last 22 years now, the house has been blessed. So that has been a fun evolution in how. The space and the environment has supported us. And then over the years I’ve been playing out in my yard, and so I have beautiful gardens. And in 2017 I created a 32 foot labyrinth called Grateful Heart, and it has over 700 hand laid brick that we put in.

And I wanted a permanent structure. That just would hold the vibration of labyrinths all over the world. And so that was a fun addition. And then I created a 22 foot circle of love. Now, I don’t have a ginormous yard, but I like to play in the spaces that I’ve been given and I listen to what the land wants.

So then I have this 22 foot circle of love that has nine butterflies, metal butterflies, and I do all kinds of experiences with that. Then I put love on the shed and um, so we have a shed that holds the mower and all this kind of stuff, but I put the word l o v e on it. So if you’re standing in the circle of love and you’re facing the shed, love is radiating to you.

And if you turn your back and look at the rest of the yard, love’s got your. Um, beautiful. And then we added a peace pole, and I have Karen’s and so I have 11 permanent experiences on the land now, and I call that nature escaping a mindfulness, um, experience. And so for spiritual friends groups, um, it’s, it’s just, it’s such a fun experience.

Um, and then when I actually do it for a full group, I have 27 full on experiences. I have Tibetan bowls and dousing rods and stones and fire ceremonies and aroma therapy, and. I can teach people while they’re here, how to use a dosing rod and how to play in the yard and all those different things. Um, so that’s those pieces.

And then the healing space that I have, the Sacred Sound Chamber has moved through the space through my whole house. It’s been on the lower level, it’s been on the upper level, and now I have basically claimed the entire lower level of my home, uh, because I don’t have children here anymore. And so the space has continued to evolve with us.

We’ve been here for 27 years. And so it’s just, um, I listen and when the space says, I would like this now to be the Sacred Zone chamber. I listen and we created beautiful ceremony in this space and it is an absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, nurturing, peaceful environment when people walk in. Um, and I have 15 crystal singing bowls and to betten bowls, and I have drums and I have rains, sticks and ching shaws and bells.

And so I take people on these beautiful, sacred sound journeys, and they are, for some it can be very life changing. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. 

[00:20:46] Cynthia: I, I wonder if there’s maybe a client’s story that really touches you. Um, you know, while protecting, of course, the client’s identity, if there’s like a general. Story you can share here of what it’s like working with you, what people can get out of the experience.

[00:21:04] Carolyn: Hmm. Oh my goodness, my goodness. There’s so many . Um, so I had a woman here yesterday who’s 76. Um, I’ve known her since 2003. She is a consistent client. She just finished Mary Morris’s Dreaming in Coaching Program, Dreaming In Your Purpose. And I just, first of all, I love that she’s continuing to learn and grow like I wanna be that at a hundred, right?

Like I’m continuing to grow and learn. So the fact that she’s even doing that, I love it. The fact that she’s coming here on a regular basis and having. Ex, you know, really opening spiritual experiences is so freaking powerful. She’s done the labyrinth. Um, but yesterday, uh, we were really into the, um, karma, like just some really patterns that she was holding onto.

And so we were working with sound and light, uh, to release the carmic lines to old patterns. And with the Mary Morrisey program that she just finished, uh, she just scored a keynote presentation, 45 minutes for $10,000. And so I said to her, uh, that’s your new blueprint. We need to move out this old patterning because you’ve just landed in pure joy.

And so that’s what we worked on yesterday. Mm-hmm. . And so it’s just, Sound is so beautiful because it just lifts gently. The energetic debris, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual that is ready to be lifted in that moment and that I envision, it just gently flows out on the sound current and is transmuted by consciousness, by by the source creation and, and so that it can become something different and something more expansive and beautiful.

Obviously the car experiences in our patterns are ways that we learn, but it again, like I said earlier, we don’t have to be held hostage to that. Yeah, it’s an opportunity to say, wow, with awareness, with understanding, with insight and wisdom. I can kind of let that go now. Yeah, and let’s lift that up.

Whatever you’re ready to let go today in this right now moment, cuz that’s all we’re in control of. And let’s let in more light. And as the light fills you, it just, there’s no room for this debris anymore. And so that’s what I just, I, it’s, it’s this beautiful movement of vibration and sound. And I work with light frequencies.

And so I literally in my mind, lifted her off the table like she was levitating and I just floated her in a healing chamber of light and, um, played sound and just allowed all that sound to move through her and around her, above her and below her, and just held her in this beautiful cocoon. And then we just gently anchor that back down and invite her to.

Use new language about what is this new blueprint? What, um, what is bringing you pure joy? So my new mantra for her was 45 minutes, 10 grand, pure joy. Woo. Like, bring that in. Yeah. There’s no room with that. I mean, like, you manifested it. Like, let’s own that. Let’s not play small. Yeah, let’s own it. Own it, Own it.

Own. That’s brilliant. 

[00:25:13] Cynthia: And, you know, because, So I feel like I’m , uh, I, I grew up in a very science driven environment and, um, you know, wanted to be a doctor and just was really immersed in the quote unquote the traditional aka western , uh, ideas of healing. And as I got deeper and deeper into things like meditation, yoga, shamonic, journeying, sound healing, a way that I translate it for those who maybe don’t fully accept that, you know, Oh, cocoon of light.

Like what does that mean? I feel like what you’re doing is providing an opportunity for people to psychologically. Let go. There’s a space of permission, and maybe it is through the sound, right, or I know for me it’s maybe through yoga or breathwork. Mm-hmm. . So you stretch. You feel that release in your muscle, like with the release of the muscle.

Now imagine whatever it is that you don’t want right now, your thought patterns, your car energy, whatever it is, let it go with that energetic release, that hip release, you’re inviting people with the music as it vibrates every cell of your being. Let that vibration carry away whatever isn’t serving you.

And whether it’s like a physical experience, an energetic experience, a psychological experience, you will still walk away feeling lighter and feeling better. 

[00:26:48] Carolyn: Abso Absolutely. I think the other thing that I love about. Vibration vibrational energy, vibrational medicine is that it works. First of all, it supports the parasympathetic nervous system.

You know, it brings that heart rate down. It brings our breathing into a calm state, but it also works with our brainwaves. Mm-hmm. . And so what I love about the brainwave piece is that right now we’re in beta. We’re active. You know, we’re engaged. But when you get into a little bit of the daydreaming place, now we’re in alpha.

Most people fall asleep on my table. So I know we’ve kicked into a little bit of theta. And so we know when our brain waves relax and quiet, healing can take place. And so it’s the brain and treatment with the sound. And so that’s the part of like when I’m opening with OS or I’m doing a chant a hundred to eight times, the invitation is don’t count to track that I’m doing it 108 times.

Cuz then you’re in your monkey mind, right? Busy mind. Trust me that I will do it 108 times. But even doing the chant, I’m inviting people to get into the drone of my voice. And so all of a sudden some people are already joing off by the time I’m done with 108 mantra. Mm. So that in itself is an experience.

because they’re now sinking into a more relaxed state. And the other reason, so, and I also chant in Sanscript, and so people don’t know what I’m saying, so they can’t get into their monkey mind or busy mind about, well, what is that word? Or, I’m triggered by that, or whatever. It’s like, no, you don’t. I tell them what it means, but they, they can let that part of their brain thinking go, Mm, just re just go into my voice, allow the sound to surround you.

And I walk around the table as I’m chanting, so they’re getting it on all sides. And then I pick up the balls and I always shower the sound around the crown and the ears, because I want them to start getting some balance on the right and the left hemispheres of the brain. So if I can get them into that kind of brainwave awareness, conscious, relaxed state, then the rest of the body has permission to relax.

And, and sometimes I do a guided visualization. So if they’re new, like if someone’s new and have never been here before or haven’t really done anything like this, I have a client coming in on the 14th who’s never done any integrative, never had a massage. So it’s like, Whoa, you’re starting with sound. Yay,

So I will do things differently with her. We will spend a little bit more time talking. We will have an invitation to do a little bit more breathing exercise. I might do some lavender aromatherapy, like just give that human that chance to just go, Okay, this is new, but I can get this. And we are just gonna do some deep breathing.

And I, I probably will walk her body with sound into a very, very, Relaxed state. Mm. And so, you know, I, I meet as all of us do, I will meet that client where they’re at. And um, so if someone’s new, of course I’m gonna just gently walk them into this experience in a sweet, kind, loving way so that they can get the most out of the experience.

Um, and hopefully they’ll wanna come back, you know? So that’s the intent. But thank you for the clarifying on the scientific side, because again, it’s the lexicon, it’s the language. Um, but I do think that our intent is so important, right? Mm-hmm. , like, my intent is I don’t view myself as, um, the healer. I am a space holder.

And so I believe that we are co-creators in this experience. So I am a good deep listener and I am hearing what you are requesting. And so then, you know, I don’t get into people’s stuff. I don’t, I mean, if, if someone’s saying, I don’t want you to know my story, that’s okay, because sound and vibration is gonna lift whatever it needs to that day.

I don’t have to get in there. But sometimes I’ll go, Whoa, what’s going on in the heart? Or what’s going on in this hip? Or, you know, and we’ll have a little conversation about that, and then I can direct more energy with the sound. Mm-hmm. or my voice, or I can lay hands on that. Um, but generally I don’t touch people.

I just let the bowls do their thing. I have three bowls that have handles and I can place those on the body and then direct the vibration directly through the, the handle into the body. Into the chakras or into a muscle tissue or, or something, Um, mm-hmm. . But generally I don’t touch people. Yeah. 

[00:32:49] Cynthia: Yeah. Well, you’re a space holder.

And also just referring back to gateways, to brilliance, I feel like you’re this guide, right? You’ve created all these possible gateways and you keep creating more because it depends on each unique person and what they need. And you’re the guide, um, to, to do like a really, you know, nerdy throwback. It’s like gandolph, right?

Like, let me guide you through the mountains. Let me, let me show you the way , but you have the power. 

[00:33:24] Carolyn: I, No, I love that. I just, I feel we are co-creators and I believe through my training, what I do really well is, like I said, I’m a deep listener. Mm-hmm. , but I know that I’m connecting to your higher self. So my higher self and your higher self are having this.

Connection. And so whatever’s coming in is what our higher selves in that moment wants to be known. And so that’s the guidance that I’ll get through the vibrations that I will play for someone. And so, um, over 21 years of working with my bowls, they have very specific things they like to communicate now.

So if I pick up a certain bowl, I know I’m doing a reset or I’m shifting old patterns, or if I pick up this bowl, it’s because it wants to do a heart opening. So it’s just how I have this relationship with these balls. Now I have one ball likes to play if there’s a universal message that wants to come in and they’re just beautiful messages and it’s just they’re positive reinforcement of what that individual.

Knows deep in their hearts that maybe just having another person vocalize what they’ve been thinking is really powerful. So my work is really beautiful and it’s kind, and it’s compassionate and it’s light filled, and the bowls are just beautiful. Hmm. And 

[00:35:05] Cynthia: I think there’s just such a juicy magic to. being with, uh, a healing practitioner who you can just sense that they’re just pouring love unto you.

They see you for your highest self, and they trust that you, you can be that person, right? And you can live life as that person. And there’s just that energy there of knowing that you’re being very intentionally and thoughtfully cared for in your session. You know? So even while the vibrations are happening, you also know, wow, Carolyn is there really focusing on me and wanting to support me, and I’m worthy, and I’m valid, and I’m important.

And that, that in itself can be so, so healing. 

[00:35:53] Carolyn: Oh, all, all of that. So beautiful. And I, my intent is when people walk onto the land, usually people start to feel the vibration when they’re coming to my house. Like they’ll go, Whoa, I was driving down cross town or 4 94 and I’m like feeling this energy. And then they turn onto the cul-de-sac and they just feel the peace flowing from the seven houses in this area.

And then they step onto the land and the healing starts, and then they walk into the sacred sound chamber. Where I have probably custom created a grid on the healing table. Um, so there takes me back to my event planning time. You know, I loved creating a beautiful table with the tables and the linens and the glassware and the flatware and the floral and all that.

And so now the sound healing table is my table . I have 30 fabrics that I place on the, the sound healing table. And I have crystals and I have quantum energy rings. And so I custom create this beautiful experience for people. And so they walk into the sacred sound chamber and they feel the piece, they feel the honoring that I have co-created for them.

And they see the table and they’re like, Wow. That is so beautiful. And then when I let ’em know, it was created just for them because I meditated that morning and I received some guidance on, boy, this person could really appreciate the cloth called unending love. Today. I build the crystals around that.

And so that is part of the experience when they’re coming in here. So my intent is that people feel really honored, very, um, respected and appreciated that they’ve taken the time to come in. I’ve taken the time to cultivate and curate a space that’s just for them that. Ugh, just 

[00:38:04] Cynthia: every session with you is a v i p experience.

[00:38:08] Carolyn: Well, I, because I really do call them experiences. I’m an event. Yeah. I can’t do this 50 minutes and I’m done. I love curating a full on experience and so people, I, I love to give people silence after the session, after the sound goes into silence. The space is still reverberating subtly now, which is very powerful.

And then now I’m sitting down and I’m literally bing light, more light at you, and your whole space around you is just filled with this beautiful glow of energy. And so I invite people to experience that for minimum of five minutes, but some will do it for 15. And so I, I give people time. Mm-hmm. And so, you know, when I was talking to Alex, you know, with Well Connected, she said, What you really do is self care ceremonies.

You’re like, it’s so self caring what you’re doing. Mm-hmm. And so, um, I want people to experience that. I want them to give themself that gift of time and really feel this was such a present for them. Yeah. That’s what I want people to walk outta here feeling. Yes. 

[00:39:36] Cynthia: And you know, even just hearing this, A I get goosebumps.

B I even start to feel a little grounded, imagining the situation. And I wonder for you, Carolyn, what does it mean to be grounded and why would you say it’s important for people to be grounded? 

[00:39:57] Carolyn: Excellent. Excellent, excellent. , I think you talked about this in the pre-interview. Um Yes, exactly. I’m like, I give Yes, yes, yes.

So I really, so thank you for this beautiful question, um, and giving me a chance to comment on it. I, first of all, the grounding part of energy work I think is so important because if we’re grounded and Gaia loves us so much, and so if we can pull up that beautiful Gaia Tara, mother Earth energy through our feet and feel it pulsating all the way through our body, we have such deep roots then that we, through those deep roots of being grounded, it really gives us the ability to soar.

and when we’re grounded and soaring, there’s never a fear of not being able to come back. . Mm-hmm. , You know, sometimes when we’re, when we’re out floating in different planes of consciousness, sometimes it’s scary for people cuz they don’t know how they’re gonna get back, but really, really grounded then people feel that and it, they feel safe.

And so I just think that it’s just such a, a beautiful opportunity for people to not, when a lot of times people open up to their spiritual self and they say, I don’t wanna be grounded. I just wanna soar and travel. We need, I’m inviting you to do both. It’s more powerful. Um, and a lot of times when I’m doing work with my clients and it’s nice out, I invite people to come a few minutes early and walk the labyrinth.

And invite people. Take your shoes off, walk barefoot, feel the earth beneath your feet, and get in that grounded earth energy. And then enter the sacred sound chamber and feel this beautiful pulsing light of peace and expanded awareness. And give yourself that journey Then to go travel and grab some insights and inner wisdom.

Hmm. But knowing that the grounding is here, I just, I just can’t strengthen, uh, stress that enough. Just we, if we can really honor that earth connection, see a opportunity for us to soar to the greater planes is so much easier. So


[00:42:43] Cynthia: I’m getting, I’m remembering too, when I was early in my yoga journeys, uh, a teacher would say, you know, ground into the earth, you know, in your yoga class, like ground your feet, ground. And that word just was like, ground. And I did not know what the heck she was talking about . And I feel like over the years it’s like, it’s just feeling that support and really acknowledging that support.

Right. So it’s not taking it lightly or ignoring it or just Yeah, focusing on the poses, right? But actually, oh, you’re connected to this earth, like you are supported by this earth. And that has just such a therapeutic effect. I just to know oh yeah, if anything, like I can stay right here and I’ll be safe.

[00:43:40] Carolyn: Oh, and when you develop beautiful message there, but when we also understand that being on the earth plain, we’re here. So let’s really embrace the beauty of what this is. Cause a vibrational pulse coming from the earth and the more sensitive and awake and aware and connected we can be. This is the womb of creation.

This is where all the seeds are coming up and sprouting. This is the birthing of us into truly being who we are. Yeah. And so, yes, it’s fun to play up into these higher levels of consciousness, but if we can honor and love Mother Earth and allow all of that beautiful. Grounding, healing vibration to flow through us.

Sky is the limit. Mm. There are no limits. Mm. And our, and our light shines. Right. So, Absolutely. Mm. So yes. So, but that’s part of the fun for me with my work, is really inviting people to experience all of what I offer. And so come and walk the labyrinth, come and do the peace. Um, walk the blessing, you know, be near the blessing tree or go under the pine trees and see the little sweet experiences that I’ve created under there because people go, Wow, I had no idea there was all this cool stuff under the pine trees.

Um, you know, I, I think I’ve created what I would’ve loved as a little girl. Like, oh, all these little fun places to find and experience. And the cool thing is, as I was creating all these things through the years, the kids in the neighborhood never did any damage here. It was like their fairy land. It was like, Oh, this is fun.

There are all these little sweet little places that I can go under these pine trees and experience peace and calm and a deep hug from the pine trees. Mm-hmm. , it’s been so much fun. It is. I, my life has been fun. Yes. 

[00:46:06] Cynthia: And you know, you mentioned earlier that you have this energy to your whole neighborhood, right?

People start to feel it as they’re driving up to your house. Um, do you mind sharing, cuz you said you, you did, you did ate on your whole neighborhood. Like what, what did that look like or what did you change? What did you do and like what are some practices, I guess, people like simple practices maybe people can implement in their own lives?

[00:46:35] Carolyn: Well, so the beautiful thing is when I started my ngsi practice in 2000, um, you know, my parents and my neighbors all thought I probably was in a cult at that point. , what is she doing now? Um, but after all these years, you know, it’s like, no. Funk clearing, clutter, energy, things like that. Now it’s like none of this is scary to people.

They’re like, Oh, this is like easy. I understand this. Right? Um, so I have done fun hui in almost all the homes on the land, uh, in our cul-de-sac. Uh, but I think that through openness and through consciousness, that there was just this deep respect and love that unfolded in our neighborhood. And so everybody’s gardens are absolutely gorgeous.

Like we have cult, One of the function way principles is used nature as your guide. And so you drive into our little cul-de-sac and it’s just like beautiful gardens. So it was like everybody. All around the same time was like all of a sudden we were like building all these beautiful gardens. So that creates a different flow of energy in the space.

Um, when we first moved here, I think almost all the houses were top and now we’re all different colors. Oh. So that, you know, that is a whole experience as well. Um, and I have invited, because we’re on a cul-de-sac energy can either move too fast or get stagnant. So most homes have a wind chime and the wind chime keeps energy moving.

And so simple things like that. Or if they don’t have a wind chime, they have a flag. And so it’s just things like that that just kept the energy moving. Um, again, I. Burn incense a lot outside. I burn sage outside, um, because I’m blessing my home every day. I walk out ? Yes. With a piece of sage on my front steps.

So that’s permeating space. Um, I have a ritual with the wind chime. I walk out the front door every day and I tap the wind chime and set a message out to the universe about what I’m calling in that day. And so whenever I hear people’s wind chimes ringing, I’m just thinking about all the things that they’re calling in.

Um, and then we had a home that was not really cared for, um, many, many years ago. And as a neighborhood, we were caring for that land. We would take turns mowing it. We were weeding it. We were, And so. I had the kids, um, follow me. So I was like the pied Piper. And um, I had all the little kids in the neighborhood and we did an exterior cheap blessing with bird seed and I had all the children in the neighborhood following me and we were singing and we went and blessed that land with the children’s energy.

And now that the family that bought that home has completely repaired that home, absolutely loves that home. It was like transformed home from the trauma that was in that home. It’s a, like the person that came in healed the home, but, so it was just having these little ones following me around, singing and skipping and dropping their bird seed and all of that.

So, but the cul-de-sac was open for me to take the children and. Do those things together. Yeah. And, and it was really beautiful. So I am very lucky, I am so blessed with all the neighbors that we have. Um, if I’m having a consciousness raising event, like I did this weekend trip, the light tour with my friend Jill, um, I text everybody and say, Hey, I’m having an event.

And they’re like, Do you need our driveways? Do you, you know, it’s like everybody comes forward or they’ll mow their yards or, you know, like things like that. Just showing care and love back. That’s amazing. So I, I’m just, I feel so blessed and lucky that my own neighborhood is at a different level of consci.

Yeah, well it’s 

[00:51:26] Cynthia: being lucky and also it’s something it sounds like that you’ve cultivated, right? It’s something that you’ve intentionally put out there and people have been receptive and I mean, Carolyn, you’re just like this soothing cup of tea and I feel like the world just needs more of this energy of both, right?

The grounding and the uplifting and really being in that space of knowing. And it feels like the neighborhood children skipping around, singing and throwing bird seeds, it almost feels like a dream in the chaos that we see in the news and the media, you know? What is it about the chaos that, for you, cuz I think you had a really positive take on it, uh, last time we spoke.

And what does the chaos mean to you that we see out in the world? 

[00:52:23] Carolyn: Well, first of all, I don’t give it energy. Mm. I don’t give any of it energy because I am focused on growing love, not fear. Mm-hmm. . And I think that, um, you know, this could be a whole other conversation that we could have, Cynthia. Yeah. Um, but I, I really think that first of all, our personal vibration, what we’re doing internally matters.

So if I wanna be cultivating love, kindness, grace, appreciation, um, heart centeredness, you know, high vibration things, then it starts with me. And so I am only responsible for Carolyn and the vibration that I’m putting out into the world. And so every day, meditating, you know, doing the things that I know that cultivate and uplift me so that the ripple I’m sending out, Is gonna counterbalance some of this chaos.

And I don’t, even though I’m aware of what’s going on in the world, I am in a neutral zone around it. I don’t get agitated around it. I don’t get all, I don’t want feed it anything. I just want to be neutralized. And so what I can feed is love. I can feed light. I can feed compassion. I can feed, um, expanding consciousness.

I can feed lifting people out of old patterns and stuck energies that have kept them hostage because there is a brighter, lighter, more beautiful world waiting for all of us. And it starts with, So I’m, I’m very, very focused on, I have to cultivate me and I’m gonna radiate and let that ripple every day.

And I hope that the ones that are around me feel that and they pick up the ripple and become more courageous and bold and brave to let their light shine. Hmm. Beautiful. 

[00:54:30] Cynthia: And if, I mean, gosh, maybe that’s the message, but if there was one message, , that you hope that people can walk away from this conversation with, um, some thoughts, some feelings, some action, you know, what would you want that takeaway message to be?

[00:54:48] Carolyn: Hm. Very sweet. Keep growing. Um, know that you are a beautiful, radiant. Scene of light, and you are made from love. And we are here to evolve. And don’t let you know your past or things that are happening, um, in the current situation right now, dictate the rest of your life. We are co-creators. We are here to be brilliant beings of light and shower our, uh, our, our brilliance, our gateways of brilliance to all.

And I just, I thank you for the beautiful conversation today. 

[00:55:40] Cynthia: Oh, thank you so much, Carolyn. It’s been such a joy to hear your story and hear the gifts that you bring into this world. And I’m just so grateful for your time, your energy, and. How you influence the energy of this world. So thank you. 

[00:55:58] Carolyn: Mm. Thank you.

Thank you. 

You did it, you listened to another episode of the well-connected twin cities podcast. Would you do us a giant favor? If you are feeling the love. You can always write us a review on apple podcast. Those reviews help us get found. It helps our ratings and it helps make sure other people searching for this information can easily find Thank you so much and we’ll see you next time

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