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Ep 80 Craniosacral Therapy and Archetypes with Amiee Elizabeth

Amiee Elizabeth, a somatic intuitive healer, owner of AE Body Alchemy describes her multi-faceted work. She uses informed bodywork practices like Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanic Healing Practices, Archetypes, and Astrology to guide her women’s circles.

While Amiee certainly has a lot of tools at her disposal, her main focus is to guide women to breakthrough what’s been holding them back, releasing the deeply rooted shame, guilt, fear and regret through whole-body and mind practices.

In this episode you’ll discover

  • What is Craniosacral Therapy and how does it work?
  • What are archetypes and how can they be a helpful framework to see the world?

Learn more about Amiee and her work here. 


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 This week, continuing with our theme of practitioners who have really cultivated a long list of skills and tools that they use with their clients. This episode is no different. Cynthia sits and speaks with Amiee Elizabeth. I love this episode because they cover things from craniosacral therapy. Speaking about fascia. 

To speaking about archetypal work astrology. And really move into powerful women circles relating in community. But the theme that circles, this all is that to really experience, change in how we process an emotion. Process our experience here that it can’t just be talked about. It must be felt. So Amiee has a somatic intuitive healer. She really utilizes her skills in a really special way to bring people to the other side of integrating all of their life. 

Life’s experiences. Into alignment, but the way that they are wanting to feel to be. True words around healing. And I just want to preface when we’re talking about healing in this way, we’re no longer talking about the lack of a physical symptom or a symptom of dis-ease. We’re talking about that continuum of health, where. 

If you imagine a gradient, right? And on the left-hand side, you might have illness, disease, sickness, and feelings of discomfort, and dis-ease in the very center. You would have that lack of. Lack of symptoms. Completely neutral. Everything’s okay. Right. On the right of side of that gradient. That’s where vibrance sits, where. 

 We are really able to access the fullness of life, where we feel truly alive, almost that buzzy vibrating, Um, have just experienced something that you love. Right. Those when we talk about healing, right. We’re talking about taking our lives from, from, from, okay. It’s working or even, maybe there’s pieces that aren’t working, but we’re really taking steps toward 

Most. Well, people will call it most enlightened. Uh, some people will call it, um, right that higher consciousness, but that, that space, that truly is how we would describe the. The most alive, right? The most vibrant the most. Well, this is truly wellbeing. It’s a fabulous episode enjoy




[00:04:53] Cynthia: I am here with Amiee Elizabeth. She is a somatic and intuitive healer. I’m super excited to have this conversation with her. She uses emotionally informed body work, astrology archetypes, and shamonic practices to help clients explore growth edges and navigate hope, integrating the five bodies which are physical, emotional.

Spiritual, mental and energetic. Amiee partners with clients to move past things that keep them stuck, such as fear, anxiety, shame and regret in person and online appointments are available through her website, which will be in the information of this podcast, but we will now get to meet Amiee. Amiee, nice to see 

[00:05:38] Amiee: you.

Hi, Cynthia. How are you 

[00:05:41] Cynthia: today? doing all right. You know, as we said, we’re kind of in that, uh, Mercury retrograde, getting over the bigger humps kind of, kind of chapter right now. . 

[00:05:52] Amiee: Mm-hmm. , We, we absolutely are. We’ve got another, just another couple weeks with the retrograde and clearing his. Post retrograde shadow, and then we will be in fresh territory

[00:06:05] Cynthia: , well, Amiee, you know, you have such a wide range of skill sets, but you did share in our first conversation that typically people start their healing journey with you through cranial sacral work. Can you share to, for people who don’t know what Cranio sacro therapy is? 

[00:06:22] Amiee: Absolutely. Thanks for asking.

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch style of body work that works with the physiological rhythm of the cr, the pulse of the cerebral spinal fluid. We have three physiological rhythms. Two people are really, really familiar with are cardiac pulse, which you can find at your wrist, your throat, it’s your heartbeat.

And the second that people are very familiar with is our respiratory pulse. Now physiological rhythm is something that happens without our brain saying, Grab the pen, . Our brain doesn’t need to tell our heart to. Or for our lungs to breathe. And while with our, our respiratory rate, we can manage it by taking deep breaths to slow it down, which affects our heart rate.

Our, the. Most of our cerebral spinal fluid is the third physiological pulse. The cranial sacral follows and works with that pulse to shift any places where tissue may be stuck. It’s really great for concussions. Cause of the concussions or the bones in the head stuck. So it frees those up and it ensures that the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord are fully bathed in cerebral spinal fluid.

It also follows the fascial patterns of the body. Mm, We do. What do you anatomy and physiology class, But we’ll back up a little bit. . 

[00:08:00] Cynthia: I know. I’m like, oh my gosh. Wait, what? So when you say it follows the fascial pattern, so it’s not just, brain and spine, it’s also in the tissue of our body. , 

[00:08:11] Amiee: Yes.

The skeletal system of the body actually does a rotation. It does an in and out or a lateral and medial rotation with each beat of the cerebral spinal fluid, and the cerebral spinal fluid beats about six times per minute. So it’s a very slow, very subtle beat and because of the way our fascial system works fascia is the lar.

As of 2018, it was finally declared by anatomy and physiologist, an and physiologist as like the largest and one of our most important organs. Prior to that time, they just kind of ignored. For anybody who is a carnivore you, we all may remember chicken breasts and they would have that OPA layer over them.

That was fascia. You can also think of fascia as a tablecloth, and if you’ve ever walked by a table with a tablecloth on it and bumped the tablecloth, so you’ve kind of run the tablecloth. The whole cloth moves, not just the part you touch. Fascia is the same thing. It comes in three layer. and those layers in case every single individual muscle.

So they slide over each other smoothly. Fascial shifting, fascial works. Cranial sacral work also incorporates this. It can improve athletic and your athletic performance. it can improve your memory. There are tons and tons of studies going on right now with cranial sacral and memory. loss and memory care.

That fascia though, is a network that moves through our whole body and determines how well our body functions. Mm. 

[00:10:00] Cynthia: Wow. I did not know that part. So that’s really exciting. . Yeah. I remember in yoga classes, one of my teachers called our fascia like the sausage wrapping to. Our meat . Mm-hmm. , to put it very, very bluntly and how it can get sticky.

And so your work is not just about brain, spine, but also then all the fascia, which is just everywhere, all over our entire being, and so being able to make sure that’s smooth and functioning properly. 

[00:10:32] Amiee: Yes, because when two pieces of fascia gets stuck together, it looks a little bit like a spider web, and then those muscle layers can’t slide over each other.

so they can’t contract and do their job as fully. Mm-hmm. , fascia also contributes to the look of cellulite because we have a layer of fascia under our skin. When you’ve got somebody who is like, I can’t get rid of my cellulite, it’s oftentimes more about fascia. , then add a post tissue because when that fascia is tight, it’s holding the tissue in a way that we can actually see it translated onto the skin.

Mm, mm-hmm. . So there’s superficial fascia that runs under our skin. To for our listeners, if they were to just gently pull their ears down, like just to set their, set your fingers right inside, kind of. The cup of your ear. Mm-hmm. . And just really gently let the weight of your hands pull your ears down.

And then depending on your individual usage and fascia pattern, you will be able to feel that move through your head and into your head. You’ll be able to feel your deep ears shift. You may feel it into your jaw or down your neck. . And that is just the start of seeing that fascial pattern. 

[00:11:53] Cynthia: And it’s so subtle, right?

Like if I was just, if I was in a middle of a conversation, like I had to really be quiet for a moment to feel . Mm-hmm. . Well that’s amazing. So your training, you have a lot of the, the hands on the ability to sense and feel, all these little subtle patterns I’m curious. In your own experience without, blasting anyone or putting any client information out there, you know what’s.

An example maybe that you have of the power of cranio sacral therapy and like an example of what clients can gain from cran sac therapy. 

[00:12:30] Amiee: I have seen increased focus from people decreased in stress. Like their ability to manage stress actually increases because their body processes more smoothly. Mm.

I. Seen change in headache patterns, change in hormonal patterns. There has been I’ve worked, I work, I’ve got a ultra runner. I work with his ability to move and recover. His recovery time has decreased and the smoothness of his motor function has also. Increased. Mm-hmm. . So it’s a really, the beauty of cranial cycle work is because it is such a gentle therapy, you get really relaxed when you do it.

When you when it’s like, Oh yeah, here I go, there, there’s the relaxation part. And that relaxation part can carry. The more often you see a cranial psychotherapist, the more even your nervous system becomes. Mm. That’s really, it’s, it’s a, and it’s not like it’s gonna put you to sleep, cuz I get a lot of cranial psychotherapy and I’m hardly anybody with it.

Anyone would accuse of being asleep. But my, I don’t have crazy up and downs. I’m very like, here I am. , I can express my emotions. I have an elderly client who started painting. Oh, he would, we would do cranial and he would get such vivid visions. Wow. While he was just receiving, but he started painting again.


[00:14:12] Cynthia: Wow. And he’s 

[00:14:13] Amiee: in his eighties, so it’s a, it’s such a wide range of possibilities. My youngest clients the youngest people I work on are 10 year olds because the skull doesn’t form into its adult bone formation until age nine. . And I don’t work with peds. Anybody who’s looking for cranial for peds, go to a specialist because we’re born with 55 bones in our skull.

So you really need to make sure that you’re seeing a pediatric specialist with your child. . 

[00:14:46] Cynthia: Yeah, that’s good to know. And you know, outside of cranio, sacral, cuz it, you’ve just developed layers and layers of skills that you bring to your clients and I’m really curious to hear about your work with archetypes, cuz I know archetypes are like kind of character figures, the kind of characters that we might know about.

But I’m curious how that looks like in a segment. And also, if you have your own definition of what an archetype is, . 

[00:15:15] Amiee: Fabulous question. Really good. Let’s go. Let’s go. . Let’s go. Archetypes. When I talk, when I define archetypes, I define them as energetic. Patterns of behavior. So they are threads that become ingrained trenches that they are patterns of behavior.

And I also, so I’m a certified archetypal consultant with through Carolyn Mac’s program. So I cast sacred contracts and work with people on journeys of transformation and the passage of from fate to destiny. working that. And what that is is casting and figuring out what your main 12 archetypal behavior patterns are.

And so we look at a person’s entire life history of where have you been messy? And cuz oftentimes we’ll see. Our archetypal patterns most clearly in our own mess. , mm-hmm. and everybody has four. With Carolyn Mac’s program, everyone has four main survival archetypes and those four survival archetypes or archetypes that we develop as children.

To be able to survive in our tribe or our family of origin. How do we need to be as a child to be cared for? Where do we give away our confidence so that we can be cared for and kept in the tribe? Where do we give away our choice so that we get to stay in the. . So it’s those four and then we pick eight more.

And then I also use archetypes in these astrological work I do, cause I’m an astrologer and so I layer in the archetypes. All, everything in the sky to me is a character. You know, Venus is in her fabulous clothes. She’s always comfortable. She’s moving in, you know, she’s in Virgo right now, so she’s kind of in business stress.

She’s organized, she’s organizing right now, she’s at the office. She’s getting things organized because she’s gonna head home to Libra here very shortly. But right now Venus is in her best business at. and she’s at the office making sure that everybody’s got their eyes dotted and their Ts crossed, whereas Mars is over in Gemini and he is visiting thing after thing after thing and making sure action is being taken from all the perspectives.

Mm-hmm. , so I, I work with all of the astrological bodies from asteroids to points in the sky and planets as if they’re, as if they’re characters to be worked with. So just like when we read a story or watch a movie, what we’re watching as an archetypal. and I work with clients and this is kind of where it comes into the work I do in sessions with clients of helping them start to see their patterns and how their patterns, how we get in our own way.

We all do it, we all get in our own way and we stop ourselves from going after the thing, or we watch ourselves repeating this thing that we know doesn’t work. Mm, we, we move through patterns of behavior that don’t function. So in session, I’m able to bring these in and help clients find those things in their body, because that’s the somatic piece of what I do, is where does this live in our bodies?

Mm-hmm. and how do we then project it outside of our bodies and how do we heal it? Because our wounds, the, the mess that we make is always the thing that is over our medicine. It’s over our gold and our gift to the world. So how do we unearth that? And to unearth it, you have to look at the wound. You, you have to look at your mess.

[00:19:23] Cynthia: Oh, I love that and I hate that, that we have to look at our mess, , look at it. 

[00:19:30] Amiee: Absolutely. It’s hard. And 

[00:19:33] Cynthia: it’s hard and you don’t have to do it alone, right? So it’s so nice that you get to. Kind of be there as the support system, as the the healer who’s there to just make sure that you feel safe in the process.

And I’m curious, like in a session with you, since you do offer, like both the body work and then what I’ll call soul work, right? Working with the archetypes, working with meaning and purpose, andrology, like what does a session with you look like? Like the timeline, 

[00:20:01] Amiee: I guess. Timeline. So I do sessions that range from 60 to 120 minutes depending on what the client books, and I will, I’ve got clients that want to work through the men, the mental body with me first.

They wanna talk to me for. First. So we work from that mental body and I’ve got clients that will come in and they just get right on the table because they wanna go right into that deep energetic space where the emotional body can rise up cuz we find it in their physical body. So it really. I hold a lot of space for working with clients as they want to work within the course of a session.

We’ve got either 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or you know, two hours. And then we work, we work within the context of what helps ’em. Cuz some people need to work through their mental body. Yeah. So that they can start to feel their physical body. Which allows them to find their emotional body and their energetic body.

I’ll do an energy reading on the body. And that has developed simply because clients like to see how their energy bodies have shifted. from the time they walk in. So I’ll check each chakra and we’ll figure out, is this chakra lined up? Is it unraveling right now? Is it open and receiving?

Is it closed? What condition is this chakra in? And then I will do a physical body reading once we do the energy body reading and I’ll just hold a client’s feet because by holding a client’s. , I can feel what the entire fascial system is doing and I can also feel the cranial rhythm. And then I’ll check thighs, hips, rib cage, shoulders and cranium to just, that tells me that if I found a hitch in their giddy up where that hitch is, at what point in the system, up the body. . Mm-hmm. . Does that hitch become the loudest? I’ll say it’s loud cuz that’s how it translates to me. It’s like, oh, here this is, we’re close to it here.

It’s some place in the thoracic cavity. Mm-hmm. . So you know, that’s where we’ll work and. Then from there it’s so individual to everybody because it’s listening to the client’s body and working to unwind them. I have a therapy dog that comes into work with me, and she’s brilliant. She’ll oftentimes let me know what she’s finding by laying under the client at a certain point, or she’ll bring me one of the stones that are around the office. 

If the client needs a stone amethyst, rose quartz, like whatever we need, she will bring it. And she’s a big participatory that incredible. Wait, what You 

[00:22:52] Cynthia: have a service song that’s also a spiritual healer? . 

[00:22:56] Amiee: Yes. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. I call her my little shaman. She’s a Pi, she’s a Piy son, and she is a total, she’s a total sha.

[00:23:05] Cynthia: Oh my gosh. She’s picking out crystals and stones. That is amazing. I’ve never heard of such a thing. 

[00:23:12] Amiee: I feel 

[00:23:13] Cynthia: like that needs to be like something advertised more loudly and proudly. I’m like that. I would go just for 

[00:23:19] Amiee: that, just for the dog.

She, She’s gotta get in there and help. . 

[00:23:24] Cynthia: That’s amazing. Ugh. And I wonder too cuz like I said it’s body work and it’s soul work and mm-hmm. , you mentioned that clients tend to find you because of the, the physical, like the Theran work and that’s where they start, but then you start trickling in other offerings and services.

Mm-hmm. , at what point do you know? Clients are ready? Or do they ask for it? Like how does that evolve? 

[00:23:50] Amiee: Uh, how does that evolve? That evolves. . I have clients that have been seeing me for years for just supposed cranial sac, but they come in and they wanna know what the astrological weather is. They’ll wanna know, Well, you know, if I’m a Taurus how does this affect me?

So everybody is working with it from the space that they’re capable of working with it, and they’re leaning in and they’re feeling things. As they’re able to. So for me, it’s just really meeting people where they’re at and making sure that whether somebody’s got a cranial session booked or there’s a member of my women’s circle who needs little extra support, or somebody’s coming to a retreat and is having a, I’m coming to a retreat and I’ve never been to a retreat and what if this changes everything in my life moment?

that I’ve got the space to just meet them exactly where they’re at, because we are all dealing with our own patterns. We’re all dealing with our own levels of trauma. And who has it? Bessel Van Vander Kolk, he was a trauma researcher and he said that physical self-awareness, I got the quote out just cuz I needed to get it right.

Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past. Talking about our emotional trauma doesn’t necessarily alter our relationship with it. We must be able to feel. Where the trauma lives in our body and invite our bodies to orientate to the safety of the present moment. Mm.

So clients start to transition more into the soul work as they can transition more into the present moment. Mm mm-hmm. . Cause of course, anxiety is projecting outward into the future. I can’t control that. And depression is hauling the past along with. . Yeah. And these are places that affect our, our nervous systems response to trauma.

So the more we can just be present in that moment, the more we can open up space for the sole work to happen. . Mm-hmm. . 

[00:26:07] Cynthia: And I so appreciate in that quote that it’s not just about talking about it, you know, like, cuz gosh, you know, I, someone could be going to therapy for years and years and years talking about it, but.

then you’re just cognitively understanding what happened, why you’re here, but you’re still having the same nervous response, you’re still having the same fear response. And I think that’s something I’m recently kind of coming to terms with. Where, oh gosh, like all my trauma, I’ve talked about it, I’ve written about it, I’ve expressed myself and.

Why am I sobbing when I have, you know, I did like a breathwork experience and like primal screaming and I was like, Oh my gosh, what’s happening to me? This is something completely different and I actually feel healed in a different way. 

[00:26:59] Amiee: Yeah, Yeah. I’ve had women on the table. Like literally find their voices.

And move through sessions where they’ve been hardly able to make a sound too, like screaming on the table as that. Like you said, that primal stream of being able to locate. our voice. Yeah. And release those things. You know, people will shake, people will cry. I’ve had some people like he mm-hmm. , like it is moving it out of our body.

However we need to move it out of our bodies. And you’re right, it can’t just be the loop of talking about it. Cause it keeps us in that mental body and it reinforces the neuro pathways. And those neural pathways, if you have a pile of sand and you pour bucket of water over it, that water will always take the same pathway.

And when we just talk about it and talk about it and talk about it, all we’re doing is running water down that same pathway. We are not taking the time to stop the water a and find a new route. . . Yeah. And that’s really what the work I do does is find a new route. Mm. 

[00:28:14] Cynthia: Yeah. If this route hasn’t been serving you for the past decade or so, like maybe a, a different route might work.

Mm-hmm. and gosh, when you talk about. Women finding their voice on your table. I think I just think of so many women that I know who need that work as well. And I’m guessing that you saw a pattern because you also now have women’s circles and specifically cater to a group of women and offer ceremony and deeper astrological work.

Can you tell us more about these women’s circle? Oh my 

[00:28:50] Amiee: women’s circles, my women, they just crack my heart open. They’re so delicious and wonderful and it is, so it. Just such a deep honor and it humbles me and they just bring me to my knees 

[00:29:08] Cynthia: every single time because 

[00:29:10] Amiee: these are the women in, in my community that are doing the deepest boots on the ground day to day work.

And the way my circles run is their monthly circle. , every single member gets a customized astrological rating of their birth chart and the transits for a given archetype that we’re working with for a specific month. So for the month of September, for example, we’re working with Mercury.

because dude is retrograde and it he’s moving a little slower than normal, so he’s covering less territory, so we can really hone in. But he’s also crossing signs, so he’s also gonna be visiting two houses in every single woman’s chart to ping in on, for me, he’s visiting my house of communication and my house of what I value.

And those are the things he’s asking me to review because that’s what retrograde does, is it asks us to review, it, asks us to reevaluate. It asks us to restructure and rethink and to relax. , that’s what he is been asking me to do. This retro grade is to relax. Girlfriend . Mm-hmm. . But my women all get a customized, that carries them through for the whole month.

And then between my YouTube channel and some other places, I will post support on, hey, today, on the 23rd of this month, so the end of this week, Mercury enters his inferior conjunction with the sun, meaning that he goes kazi. . So what that means is that Mercury enters the heart of the sun, and despite the fact that he’s retrograde, he is so close to the earth because he’s between the sun and the earth, that there’s gonna be like an eight hour period where the messages are really, really clear and really concise because he’s in the heart of the sun, he’s in this heart space.

Now granted there’s hours around that that are going be messy because he’s gonna be in this combust phase. He’s going to be moving through the turbulence to get into the heart of the sun, and then moving out of the turbulence. to get, you know, past the sun. Mm-hmm. . So we work with Mercury. And then on the last I’ve got two women’s circles that I won.

One is the Friday group and one is the Thursday group. And the Thursday group is what is open and expecting women. We gather the final Thursday or Friday of the month, and the women get time to be like you. Believe what went wrong with, you know, communication. We had a month of Venus and one of the women was she, she lives on the east coast.

She was walking down the beach and she’s like, You guys aren’t gonna believe this. I was walking down the beach and there was this guy doing a sculpture, a sand sculpture of Venus. The, the, you can’t make it up moments, they just, they get together and they share those moments and they share how being aware of their personal messenger of the God.

Because Mercurys who we’re working with affects all of their pieces. Mm-hmm. . And normally I don’t have my, I don’t have my archetypes laid out ahead of time. And we’re entering a clips season. So for September and Nove, uh, for October and November, we’re gonna be working with the north and the south nodes because we’ve got two more eclipses here in 2022.

And it feels like it’s time to work with those fate and destiny points. Mm, mm-hmm. . 

[00:32:56] Cynthia: Well, that’s just, first of all, I am just like a toe dipper in the world of astrology. And so hearing all of this is like so cool that you turn it into a story. And like, like you said, it’s archetype work. With these characters of Mercury, of Venus being able to understand them coming in and out of the sun and the turbulence in between.

And because I’m also a tow Dipper and I have a background in psychology, I also see the value of, even if you. 100%, quote unquote believe, astrology and the power there. I think there’s such a value in giving yourself. Permission to experience your world through a different lens, to understand, oh, this is happening for a deeper meaning and a deeper reason.

And I can surrender to that and not take things personally or feel like I’m a failure this month. Oh wait, actually, like something in the stars, something out there that’s outside of my control is influencing things. Everything’s gonna be okay. Mm-hmm. . And to have a community and a group where other women are sharing their hardships, sharing their magical moments so that you can really recognize like, that you’re a part of a collective and you’re not alone in this mysterious world.

[00:34:24] Amiee: And that’s, That’s perfect. That is, You nailed it. And the other fun things about these circles is I’ve got women who are toe dipp. . I have had women that have joined who knew nothing at all about astrology, and I view astrology as a tool that is accessible for all of us. And it’s a whole language. And so I really strive with my circles that I’m teaching astrology.

I, I’m not, I am doing the astrology, but it also needs to be a teaching so that, you know, I’ve got women who have now pulled the charts of all of their. and they’ve got their kids charts so they can start to, they’ve been with me long enough in doing this long enough that they can start to see how to meet their children better, how to meet their spouses and their, their partners better.

How to show up better at work. Like it’s really fun to watch the creative ways that women are devising to, Okay, I’ve got this new tool and this new language. , how do I show up better? And whether they’re people who have zero astrology, whether they’re toe dippers, my really favorites are the ones that come in and say, Oh, well, I know my chart really well.

And then their minds are consistently always blowing because it turns out that they think they know their chart really well. And the important part about astrologer is I always tell everybody like, know a lot of us know a lot of astrologers get a lot of readings from a lot of different astrologers because we all pull different threads.

Mm mm-hmm. , and they’re so, astrology is such a wide and deep and vast thing. You know, I’m an astrologer and I still have my astrologers that I go see. Like, 

[00:36:26] Cynthia: let me get a different perspective real 

[00:36:28] Amiee: quick. . Yes. Because I’m standing in it. Mm. I’m standing in my chart and we, the more people we have creating a net of support, the easier it is to do exactly what you said to surrender.

Right now, this is a, I’m, I’m being asked to do this cosmic thing and I can choose not to cuz we always have free will. Always, always, we have free will or I can recognize I’m being presented with this opportunity to overcome. So. . Mm-hmm. . So what am I gonna do with it? 

[00:37:13] Cynthia: Yeah. It’s a tool that really empower, like I’m seeing astrology as this tool that empowers you to better understand.

You know a story better. Understand a story of where you are, why you are here, and then the option you have before you. And I love that we do have free will amidst at all. And you can say, Oh, is this what I’m being asked to do? Just kidding, I don’t want to, because that sounds really hard right now. Or you’re like, Okay, let’s do this thing.

Let’s dive into this mess. . 

[00:37:44] Amiee: Mm-hmm. , Exactly. And it’s astrology is a flight pattern. and we are like a little airplane on the ground. And astrology is the weather that’s happening and the other planes in the air. And it’s like air traffic control says okay, you are clear for takeoff, but we don’t have to.

Mm-hmm. . But we also have to remember that the next time that the tower says You are clear for takeoff, the weather is different and the flight pattern has changed. . , you know, it’s that moment where like a really boots on the ground example is the person who says, I hate this about my life, whether it’s my job, my relationship, the place I live, I hate this about my life.

And this other opportunity shows up except they don’t take it because X, Y, and Z isn’t in place yet. Yeah. And so the opportunity drives off. and they’re still in this place and they may get X, Y, and Z all ticked off. But that doesn’t mean that that car is gonna drive back and be like, Okay, here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Cuz the flight pattern and the weather is consistently shifting and changing. Mm-hmm. . 

[00:39:06] Cynthia: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So to be aware that this is a unique opportunity mm-hmm. and are you gonna. Are you gonna take 

[00:39:15] Amiee: it? Yeah. And it’s okay if you don’t. Yeah. Like it is always okay to not just understand that in not taking it, it is not going to come around again.

You know? Because while all of the planets are circling us standing in the middle of our birth, The last time that Mars and Uranus Conjuncted, the north node in TAs was 342 bce. That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity there. Whatever that flight pattern opened up for you. That flight pattern isn’t gonna open again.

Mm-hmm. , that was that moment in a, what, 2,400 years? Yeah. 

[00:40:05] Cynthia: Mm-hmm. , that’s really. See now I feel like I’m missing out cuz I’m like, Oh, I don’t even know what flight patterns are available to me and . So I feel like, you know, as much as it’s permission to surrender to the hard parts in life, it’s also permission to then take advantage of energetically aligned opportunities and be like, Okay, this is the time that I do that thing that’s been scary and been hard.

Mm-hmm. , But I, I’m ready now. The stars are aligned, but literally, and it’s my time because it’s hard to give yourself a deadline or to say, Okay, you know, I’ll give myself one more month and then I’ll do that big scary thing like, quit my job, or end this toxic relationship, or whatever it is and it’s, or start the business.

And if you can have. A universal astrological timeline. It just kind of gives you some anchoring to opportunities. 

[00:41:05] Amiee: Yeah, and it’s just like we as humans have birth charts. Businesses have birth charts, relationships have birth charts. Oh my goodness. Have birth charts. So, you know, I have a birth chart for my business.

I have a birth chart for my child, . Oh my goodness. I’ve got a birth chart for my relationship and, and what that does is it allows me to. . Mm-hmm. like, Here is my business’s birth chart. These are the things I know are going to be sticky. These are the things I know are really supported. , these are my learning opportunities.

Yeah. Here are my challenges. 

[00:41:47] Cynthia: Okay, I need to have my business birth chart read . This is so cool. . 

[00:41:54] Amiee: We’ll talk after this. We’ll talk . 

[00:41:55] Cynthia: Well, you know, Amiee, we’ve discussed too, you know, there’s this. Collective awakening happening in our world right now. And I just think, you know, in our last conversation you put it so beautifully, but in your own words, you know, what is it about this time that you feel like is making healing work extra powerful?


[00:42:16] Amiee: Yes, we are in the changing of the astrological ages. We are also at the end of like a 20, almost 26,000 year cycle. But we’re gonna really hone in on the, on the change of the astrological ages. So we’ve been living in the age of Pisces since zero BCE or zero 80. So the birth of Christ marks the, the birth of Pisces.

And right now we’re in the waves of the last bit of Pisces and the age of Aquarius is waiting to be born in. approximately 138 years. Not that anybody is counting and an astrological age. For those of you that want to do the math, is 2,160 years long. So we are at 2022 right now, which means that per this 2100.

Your cycle. We are looking at the age of Aquarius being birthed in 2160, and there’s this just gonna back up for a minute. Everybody is like, anybody who knows astrology is like, Wait a minute, Aries comes after PIIs ages, move backwards. So we went from the age of Aries into the age of Pisces, and now we’re moving into the age of Aquas.

Aquarius is, Aquarius has always been this humanitarian sign and I want to invite everyone to, to sch sluff off the humanitarianism and go with galactic citizenship. Mm, That it needs to be bigger than humans. That it, that it needs to be minerals and fungi. You know, the MyUM network is amazing and magical and can teach us so much, and it needs to go all the way from the level of minerals in MyUM, up through plants and insects and animals and fish and birds and humans, and all the way up to being a galactic citizen.

and that’s what we’re being asked to do. We’re being asked to increase our frequency while we physically slow down. Mm. Which can feel like a push pull because we think, well, we need to increase our frequency so that the frequency goes faster. except for our physical bodies to be able to integrate that we need to care for ourselves more.

We need to recognize the gift and, and the miracle that we are. Hmm. We, we have honed down time until it’s linear, when really time is a spiral. That works in a 360 degree system that allows us to, to meet things from a, a higher, deeper, bigger perspective. And the changing of the ages takes about 200 years on each side.

Of the birth point. Mm-hmm. . So the age of Aquarius started birthing in the 1960s. Anyone that’s old enough, we’ll see that there was this really, there was a big revolution that went on there. Including, you know, there was even a song The Age of Aquarius. They really, they really thought that that was the birthing of Aquarius without realizing that this was a 200 year process and this was the.

Of the waves, the energy waves of Aquarius starting to touch into the ocean of Pisces. Yeah. And for those that are feeling the weight of everything that is going on in the world, like we just had a major, the Queen passing away in England, that is a major archetypal shift because despite the fact that there are Queens other places in the world, when anybody says the queen, , our heads went England.

Elizabeth was such a, a beautiful archetypal model of the Queen. And we are in, I’ve been telling clients this since 2020 when everything blew up. We’re in the last 20 minutes of this cosmic monster movie, and that’s what it feels like right now is is a little bit like a monster movie. Yeah. And cosmically these last 200 years, Or like a 20 minute sprint where the monster recognizes it’s gonna lose mm, and that the good guys are taking it down.

So the monster whips out absolutely every scary, horrible, awful thing. It can whip out to try to steal. Hope, to try to steal faith, to try to steal focus. and to try to lower the general vibration to try to bring everything down with it. And we are, we are living in hard times and those of us who are on the planet always wanna live.

We’re believe we’re living in the hardest, most challenging times. Mm-hmm. . So we’re moving from Pisces, which is this dual fish cliff. , but the proper cliff is to fish moving in unison with each other. And what happens is the distortion that happened in the fourth century ad cut off one of the fish basically.

And we’ve got love. We’re going from this masculine love place. And when they cut out Magdalene as the feminine love, what was replaced was fear. . So we’ve got a fish of love and a fish of fear and they struggle with each other. Who is on top, who is most powerful? And as we watch the Age of Aquarius come in, if we look at the giff of Aquarius, it’s two wavy lines.

Mm-hmm. . So any movement that we’re doing or we’re seeing in the collective that asks us to get rid of our differences. is ignoring the fact that it is our differences that make us strong. It is our, it is two wavy lines. It’s not one wavy line, and the shadow of Aquarius is hive mind is that we all have to be the same.

That that anything that asks us for us to all not see color, for us to not see gender, for us to ignore problems and not go through. A repairing process is moving us into the shadow of Aquarius, cuz it’s asking us to all think the same and be the same. The light of Aquarius is the galactic citizen who can embrace and love the whole thing.

not just the parts they’re comfortable with. And, and it is about hope and it is about meeting each other as Valerie Carr says recognizing that you are a piece of me, I do not yet know. And I wanna wonder about you and get to know you because you are. Fact that you are here on planet says that you are worthy of being a part of me.

Mm-hmm. . 

[00:49:56] Cynthia: Yeah. So, yeah,

Wow. I just, I love that. Visual or that, that analogy of the monster. And definitely feeling that in the past couple years we got a lot thrown at US Uhhuh. And still more to come and. Oh gosh. It also reminds me, cuz you did use the word, you know we’re birthing Aquarius. Mm-hmm. , it’s like a 200 year labor that the universe is is, and now we’re in the ring of fire where the head is crowning and old boy we’re in it.

[00:50:35] Amiee: We are in. It? Yes, we are in it. Whew. Just breathe 

[00:50:40] Cynthia: and push. Yes, just breathe and push and, and bring yourself to presence where, where the healing work can work. Mm-hmm. , Where you can notice the subtle changes, where you can tune inward. Uh, you know, Gosh, we covered a lot, Amiee, and I feel like we can continue to talk for hours on end.

I wonder though, what would you love listeners. To walk away from this conversation with what can they really internalize and hold onto? Mm. Oh. Such a good question. 

[00:51:13] Amiee: That, that everything is gonna be okay. And it may not match with our human egos and what we view as. , but everything is going to be okay and we have all contracted to be in this.

And the most important thing we can do is our healing work because that healing work ripples out and changes everything and, and I watch it happen all the time. I will have one woman join my circle and then there’ll be sisters and, and then I hear that their whole family. Is shifting into changing and that drop in the ocean matters.

and, and as long as we, and it’s not that we can’t despair, I am not interested in any of the new age spiritual bypass, woo woo business. I’m a shaman. I’m a shamanic practitioner. I am very like boots on the ground. What do we need to do from a practical, real life, day to day perspective? It’s why I run my circle the way I do.

It’s why I run my retreats the way I do, because I want people integrating the changes into their lives. I don’t want them stepping out of their lives. I want them like in the day to day moving through things in a way, you know, embodied is such an overused word right now. And what does embodied even mean?

Embodied means that, that we have integrated our healing enough to the point where we don’t have to stop ourselves from going down those old brain pathways that we get to move automatically on those new pathways and, and automatically not be in our own way. And this is labor, you’re spot on, correct? We are, we are laboring and you know, there, there are those of us that are here as midwives to help with the labor process.

and so everything is gonna be okay. And it’s that getting up in that high shamanic eagle condor where we can see the big view, takes us out of our little human self. Mm-hmm. , who has a very small version of what Okay. Would look like. Like mm-hmm. . Yeah. And getting up and looking at the big picture and realizing how much we don’t know.

And. and, and the challenge of sitting back and being like, Okay, I have faith that if I follow my light, if I follow that deep, deep knowing inside of me, and it takes time to uncover it, it really does. And then to trust it, that everything is going to be okay. Mm. 

[00:54:22] Cynthia: Well, thank you so much, Amiee. Mm-hmm. . I feel more confident now too that everything will be okay.

So thank you for your healing words, . I appreciate you so much, and I’m so glad that we’re able to converse again and just share the magic that you bring into the world with others. So thank you for your time, your energy, and all that you do. 

[00:54:45] Amiee: Thank you, Cynthia. It’s so fun to talk to you. I enjoy. 

 You did it, you listened to another episode of the well-connected twin cities podcast. Would you do us a giant favor? If you are feeling the love. You can always write us a review on apple podcast. Those reviews help us get found. It helps our ratings and it helps make sure other people searching for this information can easily find Thank you so much and we’ll see you next time

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