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Ep 83 Co-Creating a Harmonious World with Kelly Shay

In this episode, Cynthia Shockley interviews Kelly Shay of Harmonious World and Wellness. They discuss the role of healing in community and creating safe spaces to face our own darkness through music and art.

Harmonious World

Kelly Shay has an extensive community and social services background with over two decades spent on enriching the lives of others and advocating for marginalized communities.

As an event producer and planner, Kelly has also been a founding leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within education and government systems.

In 2020, she founded Harmonious World and as the Creative Director designs and produces events weaving together the arts and wellness industries into unique, empowering and healing experiences.

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[00:00:26] Cynthia: Hello, and welcome to the Well Connected Twin Cities podcast. This is your host, Cynthia Shockley, and today we get to meet Kelly Shea. Kelly has an extensive community and social service background with over two decades spent on enriching the lives of others and advocating for marginalized communities.

As an event producer and planner, Kelly’s also been a founding leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with education and government systems. Kelly studied art psychology, dance and theater arts at the University of Minnesota while becoming a mother and having the opportunity to study music production, which led to her calling as a dj.

She completed her undergraduate degree in youth studies, family social science, and African American studies with a minor in theater arts. After numerous trainings, she began teaching yoga in 2013 and has since then led yoga classes for pregnant women, mamas and babies, children of all ages, families and adults.

She has developed workshops for girls, women, BI and LGBTQ communities, in addition to being trained in mindfulness based stress reduction, which has been used in our work with teen parents. In 2020, she founded Harmonious World, and as the creative director designs and produces events, weaving together the arts and wellness industries into unique, empowering and healing experiences, Kelly provides nutrition and holistic health services as a regenerative health practitioner supports clients with herbalism and detoxification protocol.

Teaches plant-based cooking classes, offers one-on-one yoga and meditation services, and currently is a prenatal and abdominal massage apprentice. Kelly is a woman who wears so many hats and somehow brings it all together under harmonious world and wellness. So I am so excited to introduce you to this wonderful unicorn of a woman.




[00:04:14] Cynthia:

So here we are with Kelly Shay. How are you doing today?

[00:04:19] Kelly Shay: I am doing so well today. It’s Friday and um, it’s the weekend and I have some fun plans and I’m excited to be here with you, Cynthia. So thank you for having me.

[00:04:29] Cynthia: Of course. Well, I’m super excited to have you here to introduce you to everyone. Um, you know, I know we got to talk, uh, like, gosh, how long was it at this point?

Like it’s

[00:04:41] Kelly Shay: been a couple months. Yeah. Oh

[00:04:44] Cynthia: yeah. Falls already deep. We’re deep in fall now. Um, But I, I would love to hear directly from you, you know, tell us a little bit about your background, how it led to Harmonious Wellness. Uh, you. Let the audience know.

[00:05:01] Kelly Shay: Mm-hmm. ? Yes. Yes. Thank you. Um, so yeah, my background, um, and so I’ll just say that Harm, I’m using Harmonious World and wellness and I’ve started as I’m rebranding, I’m using doing Business as Harmonious Wellness.

So you’ll hear me throughout the interview. Use Harmonious World. You might, you hear me use Harmonious Wellness. I’m still playing with using them interchangeably, so I just wanna put that out front. So for your, a. Um, so yeah, so I, I, just a little background about me. I grew up, um, just always being drawn.

Towards like the natural order and ways of things. So like the beauty, the mystery, um, of my environment, diverse cultures and different beliefs. Um, I grew up here in the Twin Cities, um, in St. Paul and I’ve moved around a little bit within the Twin Cities, but I still consider my hometown town, St. Paul. Um, and then my parents are from South Dakota, and so annually maybe one.

Two to three times a year, I would visit my family out in South Dakota. And so, you know, part of my background I like to note just like that quiet, calm, nature based, um, part of my being came from just like spending a lot of time out in the prairie. Um, I was taught from a young age, um, to honor and respect the land and to acknowledge the people who were here before me.

Um, I was taught and observed practices, um, primarily from my Indigenous Dakota people, um, practices that, um, were. Which guidance and protection were sought. And then offerings and praise were were normal rituals that, um, I had, my father was doing a lot of work on different reservations throughout Minnesota and South Dakota, and even New York.

And so part of that spirituality, um, Of my essence came from my childhood upbringing, which definitely wove into harmonious world and wellness and the work that I do today. Um, after graduating high school, um, it was music and event planning. . Um, well, I’ll just say first actually that, you know, I’ve always wanted to support people, um, on their journey to living like joyful, happy, harmonious lives.

That’s, that’s always been there, you know, whether it’s just like lending an ear to a friend or like having people over and hosting at my house. It’s, you know, that’s been a natural desire. Care. Take . Yes. Be the mama. The mama. Bear in, in the crew. Um, that’s been a normal part of my existence since I can remember.

Um, but I’ll say that right after high school. Um, I, after graduating, I, it was music and event planning that became like, pretty much like set the stage for harmonious world and wellness. Um, there was this like internal drive and, and fire that I would say that to use arts as a means of. Connecting with others and bringing people together.

So my, my dad was a former dj. Um, I grew up around a huge vinyl collection consisting of like a wide variety of genres. Um, and he still is creating compilations of music to this day that I still enjoy listening to. Um, my mom was a journalist and artist for many years, which influenced my respect for all art forms, uh, which I consider art to also be a spiritual.

Um, therefore it’s a healing practice. Um, a way of tending and nurturing the soul and connect with spirit, God creator, um, producing events after high school and then DJing gave me the experience that continued to grow into the form of like designing and hosting events today. Um, so fusing like art, music, theater, dance.

Visual arts, comedy even. And then with the wellness piece, um, yoga, meditation, sound healing, et cetera, has been the foundation of harmonious world. I’ll say in it’s like first phase, um, harmonious world and wellness is. Definitely in its stage of infancy, but I think we’re like moving more to like the childhood stage right now.

After a year, almost two years in, um mm-hmm. in the way that I, in, in the way that events and offerings that I have have continuously, they’ve been tweaked and reassessed, um, just to meet the current needs of the community. And the individuals that have been drawn to my work. So, like I said, I am in the process of rebranding and doing business as harmonious wellness.

Um, and with harmonious Wellness, I, I consider that like a thicker branch of harmonious world and a branch that I’m leaning more deeper into at this time. Mm.

[00:09:43] Cynthia: Yeah. And I love. You have these branches. Right? And it just makes me think of you mentioning in your childhood how nature was just a big part of your upbringing and bringing appreciation to the land.

And here’s harmonious world, literally like. A sapling that’s growing its roots, right? Getting, getting deeper, uh, starting to maybe thicken up a bit. , yes. Mm-hmm. . And so one of those branches now, uh, you’re really focusing on is harmonious wellness. And I love how you bring in all these different things that people might not otherwise think.

Kind of naturally goes together, but because you are who you are, Shea, you’re like Y yeah. This all goes together cuz this is who

[00:10:29] Kelly Shay: I am. . Yep. Exactly.

[00:10:34] Cynthia: Yeah. So you bring in all these different elements, you know, the music, the healing, the yoga, and bring these events together. Uh, and you, I remember we, when we spoke a couple months ago, you shared that you actually had your own business in high school with your friends.

Yeah. Um, And so what was the calls again?

[00:10:53] Kelly Shay: Just, just entertainment. And that was like the, the, the, the mention of right after high school starting to do events in DJing. So yeah, just entertainment. And we did that, you know, event promotions as well as hosting some events. So yeah, it started pretty young.


[00:11:07] Cynthia: That’s amazing. And so you’ve been able to tweak and learn and grow from there. Uh, and I know you also added a new offering as well, and recently got certified in regenerative. To really utilize with private clients too. So you’ve got this bigger branch of creating these experiences, these events. Um, but can you tell us a little more about what you do with your private clients, how regenerative health plays in as well?

[00:11:34] Kelly Shay: Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, there are a lot of branches, um, within Harmonious World and wellness, and one of them, as I mentioned, I’m leaning more into is this wellness piece. And the recent certification as a regenerative health practitioner, um, has been just that. And so for those that you know, regenerative health, um, it’s, it’s really rooted in, um, biochemistry, science, and nature.

So my training really dove deep into like, understanding our body’s systems, like the glands and organs, um, how they’re designed to support us, um, elimination pathways, how to use detoxification as a, as a way of getting rid of disc. Ease in the body, um, using herbs and nutrition also, um, there’s an iridology, there’s a, I’m also a clinical iridologist, which is, it’s, it’s a fascinating practice and it’s more commonly used in Europe, so not a lot of people know about it here, but there are plenty of iridology, um, audiologist, uh, in the u.

So, yeah, I, the different things that I do with that, so it’s, it’s on my website, but there is this package that I offer right now called Harmonious Regeneration. Um, and what I’ll do is there’s a consultation just getting to know somebody. Um, kind of their goals. You know, I’ll, I’ll read the face. You know, in my training as well, we did do some facial recognition, some tongue recognition, and it’s all like, I’m not diagnosing, this is all just for like observation, but you know, there’s a little bit of Chinese medicine and iveta that’s pulled into it too from that type of like physical reading.

But then, um, Full gland organ assessment. I, I check blood pressure, um, the pH um, of the saliva. So acidity versus alkaline to see how acid or alkaline your pH may be. Um, kidney function. So I do test urine just to see how the kidneys are filtering cuz that’s like a really huge part in our health. Like if our bodies aren’t eliminating our waste, our waste, we are accumulating.

So, um, if the kidneys aren’t filtering or for a lymphatic system, there’s stagnation, things aren’t flowing and that our lymphatic system needs stimulation to flow and, and support us best. So checking those sort of things. Um, then there’s like a follow up meeting, but then I put together like a 12 week protocol or like lifestyle transformation.

Verbal protocol, nutrition, education around that. Um, and then so I’ll go back to iridology cuz that might spark your curiosity or folks who are listening their curiosity on that. And so it’s like, you know, people say that the eye is the window to the soul, which sure, I kind of like that. Um, but it’s also a window into.

The body, it’s like a body’s mirror. So it’s like the fibers in the eye. Um, that’s what becomes like kind of that window to human body. So it’s, it’s a science that, and practice that reveals inflammation, where it’s located and at what stage it’s manifesting. So. As most people probably know that the iris is a portion of eye that carries a color.

And what you can see is the body’s constitution inherent like weaknesses and different levels of health. Um, so it’s just, it’s, it’s really fascinating because the iris is an ex. Extension of the brain with over like 28,000 nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels and muscles and other tissues. Um, and so you can, like the nerve fibers, receive these impulses by way of their connection to the optic nerve, the optic themi, um, the spinal cord.

And then through the iris we can actually see the circulatory system, the respiratory system, digestive elimination system, all of those things. It’s incredible. And so I actually use a special camera that gets a very close up of the Iris .

[00:15:28] Cynthia: Okay. So I was gonna ask, I’m like, is this a device or are you just like, gazing into someone’s eyes?

[00:15:33] Kelly Shay: No. You, I could do that. And I, I notice people’s eyes a lot more since going through that training. And you can use just your iPhone at a certain angle to do it. But I do have a special camera that’s, that’s used for it. Generally when I do, um, in person, um, In person meetings or appointments, but I also do some virtual, so virtual client would have to use their phone.

But yeah, you can see the condition and stage of tissue, whether it’s like an acute or subacute or chronic or in like a degenerative state. So it’s super fascinating. Um, and I’ll just say too, a part of the regenerative health piece, um, that regenerative wellness package that I offer, I also just completed, um, a six month herbalism apprenticeship program.

So, you know, having a more, there was some herba herbalism training within the regenerative health training certification, but I also wanted to go a little bit deeper in that, like offering and service. So, um, I have a lot of herbs on hand. I’m, I’m building an APO area, which has been a lot of fun. Um, and so supporting that, supporting clients that way too, through herbalism and tinctures and different tonics and, and, Mm.

Oh my goodness.

[00:16:45] Cynthia: Just a woman with so many skills and I . I just love hearing how. You just keep discovering these different ways you can support your clients, support the needs of your community. And I wonder, as a brand, as a company, what would you say is the mission of harmonious Worlds and wellness and, you know, how do you see all these aspects fitting into that mission?

[00:17:14] Kelly Shay: Mm mm-hmm. . Yeah. Well, the mission is, you know, really trying to bring. You know this, I can come to the slogan that I’ve used to like really highlight on the mission of that, of Harmonious World. And the slogan is like bringing us back to who we are. Um, you know, When we’re children, we come into this world with this natural like creativity, this curiosity, this like spiritual connection to to source to God the cosmos.

And then as we walk through life, you know, things get numb and dumbed down and the worldly ways and whatnot. And so my mission is really just to bring people together and to. This balance again, this harmony, this wholeness, this unity, this essence that we all are like, yes, we are spiritual beings living a hu human experience.

Um, I, I agree with that, but like we all live in this web together. Like we have to coexist, , we really do. Mm-hmm. . And so, You know, this one meaning like unification and like us operating, you know, in ways that, you know, are non-judgmental even though there’s different differing beliefs and practices. Um, the mission is to help people recognize that we’re all related, you know, connecting with the lands, the plants, the animals, the water, you know, all of the things, all of the elements.

And also just to, you know, fusing together like, you know, entertainment and, and wellness. Because with those two pieces, you know, we find joy, we find laughter, we have fun. We, we also nourish the soul. We empower ourselves and others when we operate in, when we are in environments that support that. So that’s been, you know, a big part of the mission is just bringing people together in a fun and healing way, in empowering way, and, mm-hmm.

you know, harmonious world. Assisting people in coming back to this like lifestyle and mindset. Yeah. Beautiful. Yeah,

[00:19:23] Cynthia: beautiful. I love that slogan. Bringing us back to who we are instead of who we’re trying to be, who we think we’re supposed to be, and just reconnecting with that true light that you’ve entered this world as and you continue to hold and have, um, So I’m seeing this really cool paradigm shift almost.

Cause I feel like when people think about healing, it’s this scary thing, right? Like healing is, ooh, you have to like get in touch with your emotions and your past and trauma and oh geez, this is a lot and. It sounds like through harmonious wellness and harmonious world through these fun events, it’s just like a gentle easing into it, right?

Just a really gentle, fun, light invitation to start. Opening yourself up to heal at just this like, cellular level of experiencing joy and ease. And I mean, that is just such a gift. I’m, I’m, I’m inspired. So , I just wanted to acknowledge you for that. That’s amazing.

[00:20:34] Kelly Shay: Yes. And I just, you know, I’ll, I’ll just respond to that about like healing, being.

It can be painful. It, it’s hard, you know, a lot of us want to avoid, you know, healing and going inward, , and, you know, going through all the different layers and the, the, the shadow, the darkness. You know, that, you know, the duality that we, it’s here. It’s everywhere. You know, we have it inside us. So like, facing that can be really challenging and hard.

And I think that, you know, my, my vision and mission is just to create like spaces, even if from just in the back, just holding that space for people to feel safe to open up and release some of that, even if it’s just a little bit at a time, but it’s not an easy journey to feeling. Nope. And it’s lifelong.

We’re always healing . I think that’s like part of our human experience purpose is to like heal and shed these darker layers and karma and duality. Mm-hmm.

[00:21:32] Cynthia: so. And with that duality, I think that word harmonious really comes into play where it’s both can exist together, right? We can really dive into that experience of light and love, and we can also hold space for the darkness, for the, the pain.

Um, and both can exist together. And that is the healing journey is having both along for the ride.

[00:21:57] Kelly Shay: Agree a hundred percent. That’s it. ? Yeah.

[00:22:01] Cynthia: Well, I feel like harmonious wellness. Harmonious world is just so needed, particularly in these times. I think disharmony, if, if that’s the word, is just what is happening at, at least it seems, uh, when we look at the news of course, or just the state of the world.

Uh, I wonder in your own work over the last couple of years, what shifts have you noticed in people and in communities through your work?

[00:22:30] Kelly Shay: Mm-hmm. . People prioritizing self care, you know, especially during the pandemic. Um, you know, yes, we were forced to be home and, and not socialize and isolate and, you know, that was hard on so many of us mentally and even physically, but it forced us to go in, you know, it forced us.

Reassess priorities. How, how can we nourish yourself and find joy in our home? Um, virtually over Zoom, um, what have you. But I, I, you know, through it all, and now that we’re on the other side, I guess, you know, in a way that, you know, people are showing up more for themselves. Like even with the events that I’ve hosted and the collaborations that I’ve done.

There was almost like an awakening during that dark time. And that’s kind of like, I feel like that’s just the natural like cycle of life anyway. , the ebb and flow. Mm-hmm. . But there people are prioritizing their self care. I see people speaking up on what they need, what they’re not okay with what isn’t working.

Um, And there’s a lot more inspiration around, like, I’m always inspired and empowered by stories and listening to other people and like holding the space. And so, um, you know, I, I want to continue holding space and continue collaborating and bringing, um, a light and awareness. All the artists and the healers that we have here in this community and beyond, because they deserve the recognition.

They deserve support. Um, you know, and I, I, I think there’s even more grant opportunities. People are recognizing the support that’s needed for folks of color, um, for healers, for artists. You know, it’s like people are, are realizing that, okay, we have to tend to, um, We have to tend to what makes us feel good.

What, what benefits the community as a whole? . Um, it’s more of a community focus is what I’ve, what I’ve seen. I mean, there’s still quite a bit of work to do, but there has been a shift over the last couple years. Um, and that feels good to me. It definitely gives me a little bit more hope. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:24:49] Cynthia: Beautiful. I feel like in my own work with clients as a health coach, something that keeps coming up. The anxiety and the heaviness felt when we’re zooming out to see the whole world, right? To look at the world news and to look at all the, the, the highlighted things out there. And so a tool that a lot of people have found helpful is to just zoom into their sphere of influence, their sphere of power, and really focusing in on their local communities, on their, like local families, their, their networks.

So that, If they recognize that change is possible, maybe not at a global scale with you alone, but at least in your pocket. And if that other person in their pocket and that person and that person, if they’re all working on it in their own communities, then that’s where the magic happens. Yeah. And I love how you also bring in a lot of collaboration in your work, cuz you, like you said, wanna highlight who these artists and healers in the local community are.

Uh, can you tell us what it’s like? Collaborating with you? What does that process look like?

[00:25:55] Kelly Shay: Yeah, yeah. So I went in, so there’s been a couple different phases of harmonious world and wellness. The first year when I launched, um, was, you know, me, you know, contracting with artists and healers here in the Twin Cities.

Um, and that was me, you know, seeking out. Having a vision of like, what’s the agenda? What, what does the community need right now? Like, is it yoga? Is it like comedy? Is it like journaling experience? That sort of thing. And then seeking out, because, you know, I also teach yoga and meditation and also consider myself an artist.

You know, I feel pretty well connected with the local community. There’s a lot of us here. Um, so reaching out to my network and, you know, in inquiring are they interested in being a part of this event? You know, coming up with. You know, a, a fee that feels good. It’s really important that we’re supporting our artists and healers financially in the way that they need

Mm-hmm. . Um, so, you know, I, you know, was able to get a little bit of funding, um, you know, and have a pool of money to, to do the work. Um, but you know, supporting them in that way and then having them come on. So the first year was me seeking out. Healers, um, having an agreement together and then putting on these events, um, virtually since my business did come out of, um, the pandemic, it happened during it, um, which I think did work in my favor for the most part.

But they were all virtual. And then towards the end of, um, 2021, um, we started doing some hybrid experiences. So there was that. And now in this next phase, so over the last year, it’s been me like collaborating. More with artists versus me doing all the planning, the organizing, creating all the marketing materials, the contracts, you know, finding the venue space.

Like that was like the first year of me doing all of that work, which I enjoy. But, you know, it’s, it’s a lot, it’s a lot. , it’s a lot, you know, so, Hmm. , I realize, okay, well that’s not sustainable. I need to like, look at collaboration in a d. You know, strategy and format. And so now it’s like finding artists or healers that just wanna like, do all the planning together.

And so, uh, one of my favorite collaborative events that I have been doing, we just did, our fourth one, is called Radical Senses of Love and Power. And it’s this multisensory experience of partnering with two beautiful, um, women, Tamco French, who’s a sound healer. Um, and she makes amazing crystal jewelry.

And Anika McMullen is a choreographer dancer, um, guides breathwork, and so, The three of us, this trio, we have been doing these events, um, out of a space called Creator Space, which if you’ve been there, that’s a really cool space. I, I highly recommend checking it out because there’s a lot of space options there.

The salt cave and lounge, ether’s, lounge and earth room, and beautiful space. Ago we did several events there. And then the last two events, you know, really enhancing this multisensory experience, we did it on water. So we partnered with another, um, organization on Luck mission that has this recording studio on a yacht.

So we were on the water. It was stationary doc side, but super do Oh wow. Being on the walk, . You know, beautiful space. And so three levels. We did this event and so it was like all the events, you know, just being on the water, but with all the events we, you know, offer yoga, breath work, sound healing. There’s crystal healing, so there’s crystals throughout the space.

Um, Tamco French is extremely knowledgeable in, in crystal healing energy. Um, nourishing foods, you know, food as medicine, um, is, you know, that’s obviously a passion of mine too. So we share different drinks and healthy foods and then aroma therapy. So there’s, that’s. Sense experience as well. Um, so we just did our fourth one in September and we’ll be doing another one in February, so you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

That’ll be up on my website soon enough. But Collabora, I, I’m all about collaborations. It’s, that’s just, that’s part of the unity, that’s part of bringing us back to who we are. That’s the mission. We have to come together and work

[00:30:12] Cynthia: together. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz we are social creatures. We’re not meant to do this alone, you know, we’re meant to do.

In our tribe, in our community. Um, and so I love the evolution of that, that you started out with this very specific idea of, you know, this is what collaboration looks like, or I guess it was, um, it kind of makes me think of like, How we’re inundated with like the capitalistic mindset of like, I’m the leader and they’re the, they’re the ones who have to do what I say kind of mentality, that power dynamic.

And then to break that down and say, this isn’t sustainable. This isn’t serving me the way that I needed to. And for you to just bring it back down to like, actually, what’s gonna serve the community better? What’s gonna serve these artists and healers better and serve me and. Being able to collaborate at that equal playing field and bringing in your strengths and coming up with ideas together.

[00:31:11] Kelly Shay: Yes, it feels much better, more sustainable, for

[00:31:14] Cynthia: sure. ? Yes. And now, yeah. Fifth one running. Here we

[00:31:17] Kelly Shay: go. here. Here we go. Yes.

[00:31:22] Cynthia: Oh, that’s wonderful. Oh, well, you know, you mentioned that this will be on your website and we’ll have your website in the show notes for people to check out. Uh, I also wonder, can you share how people connect with you to maybe either attend events or work with you one on one?

Like what’s that process Look.

[00:31:43] Kelly Shay: Yeah. Yeah. So my website is a great way to connect with me. Um, and as I’m rebranding, that’s gonna look a little bit different soon. There’s a couple other services that I’ll be adding on there. I’ll speak to you in a moment, but website harmonious As of right now.

Um, and then social media, I am on, um, Instagram, find me at Kche dot Soul Free. It’s my personal page. I post things on there too, so I like to share that as well, um, on events and, um, different offerings. But I do have a business, Instagram, it’s Harmonious world, but it’s a world without the o. So, um, mm-hmm.

that’s how you can find me on social media. The, the website is, is the best place. I mean, there’s a way to just connect with me right there. Just click connect. I’ll get an email. Tell me what you’re looking for, because there’s, there’s all these other branches on there. Like there’s, you know, event planning that I can do, um, that I’ve done for, you know, businesses and organizations and, you know, weddings, um, you know, fundraising events I’ve done as well.

And of course there’s the, the yoga and meditation offering that’s on there as well, and empowered living. And then DJ services. That’s not on the website yet, so I just wanna highlight that because, um, I started DJing in 2000 as as DJ Enigma. And I’ve continued to DJ over the last, like, on and off over the last 22 years.

You’ll actually even see a couple testimonials on my website that speak to that. The last three years has been one of those like dormant periods because I tend to like weave or, you know, fade in and out, or I don’t want, wanna say fade in and out. Yeah, lean deeper into one branch and then kind of go into this other branch for a little while.

So, you know, some branches are thicker at one time and then thinner at another time. But here I am again. Um, I’ve started DJing again, um, as of September. And so that’s another service that, that I offer. And, you know, done yoga events, outdoor events, fundraisers, parties. I’ve done weddings as well. So, um, look out for that soon.

If, if anyone listening and has any musical needs or want to DJ for an event, you can just connect with me that way. All right, and I am on Facebook. You can also find Harmonious World on Facebook. I am also on Twitter . I’m not super active on Twitter. I’ll just say I could perhaps get better about that.

It’s hard to manage all the social media platforms, um, but I understand the benefit, and it is fun for, for the most part, Instagram and, and website. Awesome.

[00:34:16] Cynthia: Perfect. Uh, well, I’m so glad. This is just one platform where more people can discover who you are and what you do. That a service like this even exists cuz it’s so different and clearly just inspired.

By true passion, true introspection, and understanding what what you wanna bring to the world and what feels authentic to you. Cause this is, this is Shay right here. This business, right? ?

[00:34:47] Kelly Shay: Yes it is. Yep. Yep. It is. It’s, it’s, it’s been a long time coming, you know, just. Running my own business, and I, I don’t do it full time yet, but in this next 2023, I’ll be doing this work full time.

So I do wear many hats, but this is just, this is definitely the hard work. This is where, you know, my ancestors, my guides, everything around me proves that this is where I need to be and how I need to show up for folks. So, yeah, it, it feels right on time. Mm.

[00:35:20] Cynthia: Yeah. On. And I know you’re also a mother, and so this is something like such a gift for your children for the next generation to have something like this exist that’s shifting that paradigm and bringing more healing and love into the world.

[00:35:39] Kelly Shay: Yes, they are soaking it in my three daughters . So that’s, that’s. To share things with them. You know, they’ll try my tinctures, my super foods, they’ll do yoga with me. They’ve come with me to events, you know, they’ve been in the background during different meetings and not with clients, but you know, they’re, they’re around.

You know, I’m a very engaged mama. I love being a mom. They are definitely a huge motivation to like all of this coming to life. Mm-hmm. for sure, for. and they encourage me, which is really, really beautiful. So they’ve been supported, even though the two, I have two younger ones. They get it, they understand the work.

You know, there’s that inner knowing that mama’s showing up in the way that she needs to, to support the family and the community. So there’s, there’s beauty in that. No, I’m cheering up , the children, the babies. I know. They’re everything. Yes, they know, you know, we don’t give them as much credit as, as, as we should sometimes, or some don’t.

Some of us do, but, um, they just, they’re, they’re precious. You know, those, those lights right there.

[00:36:46] Cynthia: Well, and I’m sure they’ve just absorbed so much just from having you as their mother and the fact that you engage them in all the things that you do. I mean, it’s, it gives me hope in humanity.

[00:36:59] Kelly Shay: So, thank you.

Yes. They give me hope in humanity. . They do. Uh, well, well, Shay, if there.

[00:37:10] Cynthia: One takeaway message that you hope listeners can walk away from this conversation with? What would that

[00:37:16] Kelly Shay: be? One that’s hard. Um, uh, or

[00:37:22] Cynthia: maybe branches of them. ?

[00:37:24] Kelly Shay: Yeah. Yeah. So like, Like I said, prioritizing self care. Nourishment, like these things are essential to living like a balanced life.

Like it’s okay to rest. It’s okay to say no. Listen to your body. You know what if my teachers says this quote, if you hear your body’s whisper, you won’t have to hear it screen. So really listening to the needs of your body on a nutritional and cellular. To walk humbly and respect for other people and cultures to find joy to laugh.

Make sure you make time for fun as much as you make time for rest. You know, there’s that balance piece. Um, and really just to trust for intuition, trust your intuition, ask for guidance. Um, prayer is really important. I think praying for what you need, asking for support in that way, um, is huge. And then, Knowing you’re not alone and to love unconditionally, those would be some.

Big takeaways. The main takeaways,


[00:38:26] Kelly Shay: you know, we’re going into this like colder introspective season, and so like this, And even this is a great time of year to really do some deep reflections on what you’d like to bring forth in the spring as things start to grow. So I encourage people, no matter when you listen to this, maybe it’s spring when you listen to this podcast, but it’s still a potent time to like manifest and dream and plant those.

Seeds, um, for 2023. So I’m feeling optimistic, I’m feeling hopeful. I am excited to continue collaborating with a lot more folks in the community here and outside of Minnesota as well. So there’s some new developments, new relationships and collaborations on the horizon, and I’m excited to share more soon.

[00:39:12] Cynthia: well, thank you so much for your time, your energy, and all that you’re doing. I just feel really amazing after this conversation and I hope listeners also feel just as amazing.

So thank you. I. Yeah.

[00:39:27] Kelly Shay: Thank you. I look forward to thank you again for having me, and I look forward to being available to anyone that has further questions and, and would like to connect with me.

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