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Ep 90 Reimagine Routine Event Recap with Alex Stalberger

Alex Stalberger and Cynthia Shockley share their takeaways along with recorded clips from the Reimagine Routine event.

About this event (took place January, 14th, 2023)

Well Connected Twin Cities is kicking off 2023 with a celebration of all things holistic and integrative health.

Specifically, we are celebrating the foundations of health. The tiny actions we do every day that has a massive impact on our wellbeing.

Choose to listen in on engaging discussions, participate in group experiences, take a small group class or perhaps just browse the local marketplace.

Celebrate Your Routine

Health isn’t gained or lost in days but accumulated over time in the daily habits that shape our lives.

This year, we encourage you celebrate the power in your everyday routine.

Because we know, little habits done daily are more effective than big changes done occasionally.

Designed to celebrate and empower you, start the year off strong and in community.

Whether you choose to kick back and listen to panel discussions or chose to experience something new, we guarantee you’ll feel the spark of inspiration you can put into practice tomorrow.

How this event works

This is a “choose your own adventure” kind of event. Meaning there are multiple things happening at once, giving you the benefit of choosing the one that most interests you.

Topic Talks are panel discussions hosted by local leaders in integrative health and local practitioners you might recognize. They are providing perspectives on the core foundations of health covered throughout the day: Energy Management, Intentional Meals, Rest, and Play.

Experiences are opportunities for you to try out techniques and experience the difference they make for you. This is a “try it on” option for discovery.

Acknowledgements + Commitment to Accessibility

We acknowledge this event takes place on occupied Dakota and Ojibwe lands. We offer our gratitude to the First Nation for their care of this land and the teachings it holds.

Everyone deserves access to supportive, safe, and culturally relevant care. We recognize that the wellness industry as a whole is intertwined with white supremacy and extractive capitalist culture that often causes harm through cultural appropriation and over simplification of health issues in order to sell a product or solution.

The reality is that we each have unique needs, and we’re here to show you all the resources available to empower you to find the right solutions for yourself.

Accessibility is central to our cause. Promo codes are available for our BIPOC and immigrant communities, LGBTQIA+ communities, and those who specifically work for and within these communities.


Well Connected Twin Cities is connecting you with local health and wellness professionals in your community. Discover what’s possible by surfing the directory, taking a class, or attending the next event.
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