Ep 67 Desiree Ruvalcaba | Spiritual Coaching + Energy Alchemy

Desiree Ruvalcaba podcast

Desiree Ruvalcaba shares her story of healing through energy medicine and helping other empaths and highly sensitive people to connect with their intuition and body wisdom. She draws on a variety of tools in her energy alchemy work and spiritual coaching, including marma therapy, ventosas + sobada, tarot, and more.

Ep 47 Dr. Asavari Manvikar | Seasonal Wellness with Ayurveda

An interview with Dr. Asavari Manvikar, founder and lead faculty at the Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda. With training in both Ayurveda and allopathic medicine, Dr. Manvikar helps us understand the different approaches of each. We talk about how Ayurveda emphasizes a customized approach for each unique individual, and how we can work with the external […]

Ep21 Vanashree Belgamwar | Globalizing Ayurvedic Medicine

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An Interview with Vanashree Belgamwar, an Ayurvedic practitioner leading our cities toward a more integrative future. Vanashree describes the benefits of using the Ayurvedic lifestyle science as a preventative complement to our traditionally accepted western approach.