Ep 39 Courtney Iverson | RecuperAcres + Ecotherapy

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An interview with Courtney Iverson, owner and proprietor of RecuperAcres, an outdoor ecotherapy facility on the border of Hennepin and Carver counties in Watertown, MN. Hear about Courtney’s experience of finding deep healing through time in nature and how that inspired her to turn part of her family’s farm into an outdoor nature area for […]

BONUS EPISODE: preview of February podcast episodes, classes, and more

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

Each month we’ll be giving you a quick preview of what’s to come on a quick bonus episode.  In February, we’re exploring themes of self love, relationships, sexual health, and reproductive health. These themes will be covered in podcast episodes, on-demand classes, and blog posts throughout the month of February.

Ep 27 Nell Rueckl | Bodywork + the Bath House

Nell Rueckl podcast

Nell Rueckl, the founder of Spot Spa, sits down to talk about the power of bodywork and massage, and shares a glimpse into her new bath house concept launching in Summer of 2021 called Watershed.

Ep24 Rosie Blanc | Spiritual Healing

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An interview with intuitive transformation coach Rosie Blanc, who draws on a variety of tools to support her clients through the healing process.  As someone who’s been through a transformative healing journey, Rosie has been called to walk with others in support as she guides them back to themselves.

Ep20 Lisa Harris | Storytelling as a Healing Practice

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

Lisa Harris joins us this week to discuss storytelling as a powerful healing tool.  Through her own experience of writing a book, Lisa discovered both the power in owning your story and the beauty that exists in sharing stories with a supportive community. We talk about how she began, the early events that started it […]

Ep19 Zedé Harut | Healing Justice for BIPOC Birthers

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An Interview with Zedé Harut, holistic healer and founder of Holistic Heaux and the Rebellion Relief Fund, a mutual aid fund supporting BIPOC birthers.  We discuss how Zedé got into holistic healing work as a teenager, and how she’s now supporting other Black and Brown birthers through her mutual aid fund.

Ep15 Rebecca Keyes | Supporting Grief with Homeopathy

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

A loss of anything can trigger a grief response. During this conversation, Rebecca Keyes, Certified Classical Homeopath specialized in trauma and grief, explains how homeopathy helps the body and mind build resilience and keep flowing through the stages of grief.

Ep13 Dr. Karen Lawson + Theresa Nutt | Everyone Benefits from a Health Coach

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An Interview with Dr. Karen Lawson and Theresa Nutt,  the Co-Directors of the Masters in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching program at the University of Minnesota. Karen + Theresa share their insider’s scoop of what goes into training a quality health coach, how coaches are up-leveling patient-centeredness in healthcare, and how you go about finding […]

Ep12 Cassandra Rose | Acupuncture for Degenerative Eye Conditions

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An interview with Cassandra Rose, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist practicing at Bhakti Wellness Center in Edina, MN. Cassandra specializes in macular regeneration, which uses Acunova, acupuncture, microcurrent therapy, herbs, supplements and lifestyle to address degenerative eye diseases. This treatment regimen is shown to be up to 85% effective by clinical outcome measures, offering real hope for patients […]