Ep 70 Developing a Wellness Toolkit with Mike Milios

Mike Millios podcast

Mike Milios is a veteran and public defender turned health coach and yoga instructor.  Hear about how he found yoga and mindfulness tools at a time when he really needed them, and what led him to begin sharing these tools with others and helping people develop their own wellness toolkit as a health and wellness coach.

Ep 64 Angela Kittock | Personality Typing for Growth + Relationships

Angela Kittock podcast

Angela Kittock is a personal growth and healing coach who uses personality typing to help people understand the way they’re wired. Having this knowledge helps her clients recognize where they’re operating in alignment and where they may feel challenged. It’s also really helpful in teams or relationships, and co-founders Alex and Lilly both join this […]

Ep 60 Dr. Emily | The NFP Pharmacist

Dr. Emily started her career as a pharmacist, but after working with cycle tracking and natural family planning herself, she quickly found a passion for teaching others about it. She now runs her business, the NFP Pharmacist, where she offers live classes and 1-on-1 consults for people interested in natural family planning or cycle tracking.

Ep 56 Julia Miller | Self Care Practices

Julia Miller Julia Elise podcast

Julia Miller is the owner of Julia Elise natural + herbal body products. She joins us on the podcast to talk about how to integrate self care practices into everyday life and how self care relates to community care and vice versa.

Ep 55 Julie Delene | Move As One

Julie Delene podcast

Julie Delene is a management consultant who’s developed a system called Move As One, which draws on her experience in ballroom dance and Feng Shui to help teams move through stagnation or conflict. We talk about how this idea of co-creation is gaining momentum (with a lot of ground work already done by the activist […]

Ep 53 Anne Murphy | Supporting Death + Grief

Anne Murphy podcast

Anne Murphy is a celebrant, home vigil guide, and death educator. In this episode we discuss why so many people feel unsupported through death and grief, and she explains what home vigils can look like. She also explains how home vigils and ceremony can help people as they metabolize their grief. While it’s not a […]

Ep 50 Julie Shannon Williams | The New Face of Aging

Julie Shannon Williams is a certified yoga therapist who’s passionate about changing the way we view aging. In this episode of the podcast we discuss what yoga therapy is and how it works, along with her group coaching program called The New Face of Aging.