Ep 36 Sarah Longacre | Birth, Yoga, and Blooma

Sarah Longacre podcast

An interview with Sarah Longacre, owner and founder of Blooma, which started as a prenatal yoga studio in 2007 but has grown to be so much more than that. She shares how she got started in the birth world as a doula, what inspired her to open a prenatal yoga studio to begin with, and […]

Ep 30 Joe Molinari | When Stress Messes with Sex

Joe Molinari podcast

An interview with Joe Molinari, a certified sex therapist who specializes in helping people heal from sexual trauma and find ways to move towards pleasure.   He also helps couples develop deeper intimacy with each other and navigate some of the common problems that can come up in sexual relationships, and that’s really what we focused […]

Ep 27 Nell Rueckl | Bodywork + the Bath House

Nell Rueckl podcast

Nell Rueckl, the founder of Spot Spa, sits down to talk about the power of bodywork and massage, and shares a glimpse into her new bath house concept launching in Summer of 2021 called Watershed.

Ep24 Rosie Blanc | Spiritual Healing

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An interview with intuitive transformation coach Rosie Blanc, who draws on a variety of tools to support her clients through the healing process.  As someone who’s been through a transformative healing journey, Rosie has been called to walk with others in support as she guides them back to themselves.

Ep 22 Dr. Tiffany Egan | Holistic House Calls

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

In this episode we talk with Dr. Tiffany Egan about how she’s bringing holistic house calls to the Twin Cities with chiropractic care and acupuncture for new moms and babies.  We discuss what inspired her to become a chiropractor, how acupuncture compliments chiropractic care, and how chiropractic care can help new moms both prepare for […]

Ep20 Lisa Harris | Storytelling as a Healing Practice

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

Lisa Harris joins us this week to discuss storytelling as a powerful healing tool.  Through her own experience of writing a book, Lisa discovered both the power in owning your story and the beauty that exists in sharing stories with a supportive community. We talk about how she began, the early events that started it […]

Ep19 Zedé Harut | Healing Justice for BIPOC Birthers

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An Interview with Zedé Harut, holistic healer and founder of Holistic Heaux and the Rebellion Relief Fund, a mutual aid fund supporting BIPOC birthers.  We discuss how Zedé got into holistic healing work as a teenager, and how she’s now supporting other Black and Brown birthers through her mutual aid fund.

Ep18 Talaya Dendy | Self-Advocacy in Cancer Care

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast

An Interview with Talaya Dendy, cancer doula and fierce advocate, describes how developing your own self-advocacy skills can change your life and is more important now than ever.

Talaya Dendy is a cancer thriver and founder of On The Other Side. As a cancer doula she is providing personalized support that addresses the emotional, navigational, educational and practical needs of the people that have been impacted by cancer.