Ep 78 Neurofeedback for ADHD with Mindy Haukedahl

Mindy Haukedahl

You have the power to change your brain. In this episode, we sit with Mindy Haukedahl MA, LSC, EdS, LMFT, owner of Afton Therapy and a Neurofeedback practitioner in the Twin Cities.

Mindy shares with us what Neurofeedback is, how it can be facilitated from the comfort of your own home, and the specific outcomes she’s witnessed within her own family and throughout her career.

Ep 71 QNRT or Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy with Mallery Hammers

Mallery Hammers Podcast

Get to know local Twin Cities QNRT practitioner Mallery Hammers as she talks about how she got started in the mental health field, what drew her into QNRT, and how it all works. Mallery Hammers is a LISW, and advanced QNRT practitioner. She explains how we all have hidden traumas and emotional wounds that our […]

Ep 70 Developing a Wellness Toolkit with Mike Milios

Mike Millios podcast

Mike Milios is a veteran and public defender turned health coach and yoga instructor. Hear about how he found yoga and mindfulness tools at a time when he really needed it, and what led him to begin sharing these tools with others and helping people develop their own wellness toolkit as a health and wellness […]

Ep 59 Jamil + Sara Stamschror-Lott | Creative Kuponya

Creative Kuponya founders Jamil and Sara Stamschror-Lott share the story of why they started their organization back in 2017, and how it’s grown over the years. By taking a multi-faceted approach, they’re able to provide sliding scale services and fund reduced and free therapy for people who are underserved by our institutional systems.

Ep 58 Christine Lord | Somatic Experiencing for Uncomfortable Emotions

Christine Lord is a somatic psychotherapist who joins us on the podcast to talk about how she helps people work through uncomfortable emotions like anger, grief, and sadness. She talks about how emotions carry important messages, and when we suppress or ignore big emotions they can create unpleasant side effects later on. As a somatic […]

Ep 57 Christopher Gunlock | Exploring Psychedelics

Christopher Gunlock is a psychedelic preparation and integration specialist and executive director of the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota. In this episode we talk about the benefits of psychedelics, the risks, why psychedelics have been repressed in the United States, and how the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota is bringing people together in community to reduce harm […]

Ep 53 Anne Murphy | Supporting Death + Grief

Anne Murphy podcast

Anne Murphy is a celebrant, home vigil guide, and death educator. In this episode we discuss why so many people feel unsupported through death and grief, and she explains what home vigils can look like. She also explains how home vigils and ceremony can help people as they metabolize their grief. While it’s not a […]

Ep 51 Dr. Rachel Allyn | Reclaiming Pleasure

Dr. Rachel Allyn is a holistic psychologist, writer, speaker, and self-proclaimed “pleasure expert” who joins us on the podcast to talk about her new book, The Pleasure Is All Yours.

Ep 46 Allison Mosso | Intuitive Eating + Body Peace

Allison Mosso is a Soulful Health Coach, Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Personal Trainer who’s passionate about helping people feel at home in their bodies. In this episode we cover what intuitive eating is, how it works, and how changing your relationship with food can impact your life and the lives of those around you.

Ep 44 Anna Klimmek | Happy Food MN

Get to know trained chef and health coach Anna Klimmek of Happy Food MN. She’s passionate about helping people connect the dots between what they eat and how they feel, and she shares her own experience of figuring out what foods and habits work best for her.