Ep 63 Lesley Koehnen | Pilates + Health Coaching for Healthy Aging

Lesley Koehnen has been a pilates instructor for over 20 years, and in that time she’s seen many clients progress through later stages in life. Her clients ranges from people in their 40’s to people in their 80’s, and the impact that regular pilates has on their quality of life has been very clear. We […]

Ep 51 Dr. Rachel Allyn | Reclaiming Pleasure

Dr. Rachel Allyn is a holistic psychologist, writer, speaker, and self-proclaimed “pleasure expert” who joins us on the podcast to talk about her new book, The Pleasure Is All Yours.

Ep 50 Julie Shannon Williams | The New Face of Aging

Julie Shannon Williams is a certified yoga therapist who’s passionate about changing the way we view aging. In this episode of the podcast we discuss what yoga therapy is and how it works, along with her group coaching program called The New Face of Aging.