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Storytelling as a Healing Practice

Lisa Harris

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years, and while there are many reasons for it, the heart of storytelling is always connection.

In that connection, there can be healing.

Lisa Harris joined me on the Well Connected Twin Cities podcast to talk about the beauty and healing that can exist in the act of storytelling.  As a narrative coach, she guides women through a process of uncovering their truth, claiming their power, and sharing it with a supportive community. 

After publishing a book of poetry in 2016, Lisa was inspired by the incredible stories that women began sharing with her. She saw the beauty and power in this process, and she began hosting storytelling events that celebrated the power of everyday women.

“I thought everyday women just needed to hear and see somebody that looked like their mom or their sister sharing their story.”

Lisa Harris

These events inspired a women’s empowerment program called Unveiled You. This has become Lisa’s signature program, and she’s coached around 75 women over the past few years.

How does it work?

Lisa guides her clients through a reflection process, uncovering the lessons learned in their experience. Then they move into the writing process, using narrative tools to rewrite their story to frame themselves as the hero.

Next comes an opportunity to listen and share with a supportive group of women as they build confidence and prepare to take the stage and share their story.

Healing happens at every stage of the process, and it makes this whole program such a unique experience.

“I love shining a light on women.”

Lisa Harris

Who’s this for?

Lisa explains that many women come to her without knowing if this will be the right fit for them. They may feel stuck, unhappy, or curious. When they begin to reflect and uncover their story, the transformation begins.

Listen to the full episode to hear more, and learn more about Lisa’s programs here:

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