Supporting Grief with Homeopathy

By: Alex Stalberger
Homeopathy for Grief

We’re all doing our best to go with the flow, especially these days. But where do you turn when you find yourself feeling stuck, unable to adapt or evolve?

There just might be a homeopathic remedy for that.

Rebecca Keyes is a homeopathic practitioner with a specialized focus on grief. During her interview on the Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast, she explains that almost any loss can trigger a grief response. 

Loss of safety, loss of a job, loss of identity, loss of trust, as well as the loss of a loved one can bring on grief. While grief is a natural and universal process, getting stuck in the grieving process can make a difficult time even more challenging. 

“The process itself is healing then, of course, there’s the remedy.”

Rebecca Keyes

Homeopathy helps the body and mind build resilience and keep flowing through the stages of grief. Entering into a homeopath’s care has two major components: the session, and the actual remedy.

During a session, the homeopath uncovers how you perceive and respond to your life experiences through a series of questions. The process itself can be very therapeutic. The homeopath asks thoughtful (and sometimes surprising) questions that uncover themes and further identify what about your experience feels “stuck”.

“When you take the right remedy, your body gets to see itself in the mirror, then corrects itself.”

Rebecca Keyes. Keyes Homeopathy

After that clarifying exploration, the remedy works within your body to facilitate the healing. A homeopathy remedy is a form of energy medicine that helps the body heal itself by giving it a mirror, so to speak. Remedies are distilled micro-doses of elements or plants that mimic the symptom you’re experiencing.

The homeopathic approach is “like cures like”. The remedy brings attention to the symptom and supports the body to naturally build resilience. 

With over 6,000 homeopathic remedies available, a trained homeopath like Rebecca is an expert in identifying how a person is seeing and experiencing the world in order to match the experience with the right remedy for profound healing. 

While powerful, homeopathy is surprisingly gentle. The remedies are delivered via sugar pellet (delicious, actually). So subtle, that they can be added to an existing treatment plan or medication regimen without side effects. Yes, without side effects.

They can be safely administered to pregnant women,  nursing mothers, and to children. So effective,  some folx choose to see their homeopath as their primary care professional. After all, it’s the body facilitating its own  healing, the remedy is simply acting as the mirror. 

Grief influences us all, but homeopathy is capable of building up our resilience without the risk of side effects. 

Hear more about Rebecca Keyes’ own homeopathic journey through grief during the episode. Also, how your children can be supported by homeopathy  through their own experiences of loss and routine change.

Listen to the full podcast episode.

Alex Stalberger is the co-founder of Well Connected Twin Cities and practicing holistic health coach. She firmly believes that quality of life is forever changed when we are empowered to take control of our health and discover all that is possible.

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