Astrological New Years Celebration Retreat

As a shaman, it has never felt aligned to create intention and plant goals in January. This is the coldest time of year here in Minnesota. Things are meant to be in hibernation, which is a time of introspection that allows for the seeing and releasing what does not serve the direction of our dreams.

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$214 Off – Journey Inward with AE Body Alchemy

AE Body Alchemy Discount

This accelerated, focused 1:1 online series helps to move you past the things that keep you stuck: fear, anxiety, shame, guilt and regret. The primary vehicles used are archetypes, meditations, astrology, and the Akashic Records.

Living Your Cosmic Purpose

Cosmic Purpose Andy Hansen

In this 5 series workshop, we will explore how to unlock your unique gifts and actualize your soul’s potential through the wisdom of astrology, human design, the gene keys, and shadow work.