Weekly Nature Play Group – Tots n’ Trees (1-3yo)

Are you looking for community? Do you enjoy time outside, or are you curious how to support your child’s development further through natural play activities?

If you are open to learning, would like to take yourself outside more often with your family, and are looking for simple activities that are easy to incorporate into your daily routines that will support the foundational skill development of your little human, please join us!

Meet the Pros: Dr. Britney Green

Dr. Britney Green Our Strong Ties

Get to know Dr. Britney Green, the visionary behind Strong Ties Oral Health providing orthodontic and other oral health services that are airway focused for infants, children and adults in the Twin Cities.

Meet the Pros: Merri Guggisberg

Merri Guggisberg

There isn’t an instruction manual for raising kids – but having strategies and understanding the personal needs of parents aids in showing up as your best self for your family.

Anxious to Awesome Workshop

Free workshop with Mira Binzen. Families learn quick tools and strategies to feel less anxious and more awesome where you need it most.