Functional Medicine vs Naturopathic Doctors: Similarities and Differences

Both functional medicine doctors and naturopathic doctors adopt a holistic patient-centered approach to healthcare, focusing on preventive medicine and natural therapies. They aim to treat the root causes of illness, with differences lying in education, scope of practice, and treatment philosophies. Functional medicine practitioners use a systems biology approach and personalized treatment plans, while naturopathic doctors follow principles such as the body’s healing power and minimal intervention. Understanding these nuances helps individuals select the fitting healthcare provider.

10 Common Types of Integrative Healthcare Providers in the Twin Cities

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In the Twin Cities, integrative healthcare providers are increasingly preferred for their personalized care blending conventional and alternative therapies. This holistic approach treats the whole person, considering mental and physical health. Popular Twin Cities integrative services include functional and naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, mental health therapy, and more. Resources like Well Connected Twin Cities assist locals in finding trusted specialists, emphasizing evidence-based, patient-oriented treatments.

How To Accelerate Your Healing

Learn what steps to take to get better quicker, stay healthy longer and save money! This event is free and hosted by MetroEast Natural Healing Center

Innerstanding the Lymphatic System

Suggested $25 donation, Pay What You Can. The “Innerstand Thyself” series is a weekly educational program hosted by Venus Raquel that explores both the physical and spiritual aspects of the human body. This week’s focus entails an introduction to the anatomy, functions, and disorders of the lymphatic system. We will then engage in dialogue around […]

Spring Wellness with Chinese Medicine

The first in our Five Element Series, this workshop will explore ways to support health and wellbeing in summer through principles of Chinese medicine. The class will be taught by Kim Christensen, licensed acupuncturist and co-owner of Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts.

After a long winter’s hibernation, most of us are ready for the change and vibrancy that spring brings. According to the Chinese medicine five element system, each of the five seasons corresponds to a different element, energetic meridian, taste, emotion, and more. During the lush, rainy, windy, and somewhat unpredictable season of spring, the Wood element takes center stage as nature – and our bodies – wake up after a winter slumber.

In this 60 minute workshop, we will explore the influence of the Wood element in the season of spring and how this impacts body, mind, and spirit. You will learn actionable ways to support your health and wellbeing through food therapy, lifestyle practices, and self-acupressure, inviting greater ease through the seasonal transitions.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Five Element series classes for summer, late summer, fall, and winter!

Open House at AHI Integrative

April 22nd, 2023 10am-12pm Open house hosted by Bloomington’s newest Integrative Health Care Clinic, AHI. Meet providers, tour the clinic.
Come chat with us in our beautiful new space. We’d love to meet you.

Supplements 101: Focus on Wellness This Winter

To gear up for the change of seasons, The Good Clinic and Mastel’s Health Foods are co-hosting “Supplements 101: Focus on Wellness This Winter,” a free educational event at their St. Paul clinic on November 9, 2022 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm CT. The Good Clinic’s Paul Linson, APRN, CNP and Mastel’s Health Foods Alina Horfeldt […]

Advocating for Integrative Healthcare

Well Connected Twin Cities is changing the way the public discovers what’s possible with a holistic and integrative approach to health.  A newborn cries with discomfort from a fresh patch of eczema on their face, swollen and red with irritation. The mother has been told some kids experience this and hopefully a steroid cream will […]

Meet the Pros: Katie Kaufmann

Katie kaufmann

Get to know Katie Kaufmann, a Chronic Pain Recovery Coach with a in-person/virtual hybrid practice in the Twin Cities.