Sound Bath & Meditation with Jean Nitchals

you will feel the power of deep relaxation through a sound bath with Crystal bowls, the depth of sound through a Gong, and other sound instruments representing the ocean, rain, and wind. The experience is designed to bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance.

Sound Bath and Kirtan for Deep Soul Connection

Please Join Ali Fitzpatrick and Jordan Lawrence for a special evening of soul connection and grounding through exploring the power of sacred sound through meditative mantra, Kirtan and sound healing.

Pineal Gland Third Eye Activation


This experience stimulates, activates, and awakens the pineal gland/third eye for spiritual expansion and deepens your connection to oneness.

$214 Off – Journey Inward with AE Body Alchemy

AE Body Alchemy Discount

This accelerated, focused 1:1 online series helps to move you past the things that keep you stuck: fear, anxiety, shame, guilt and regret. The primary vehicles used are archetypes, meditations, astrology, and the Akashic Records.