Sound Bath and Kirtan for Deep Soul Connection

Please Join Ali Fitzpatrick and Jordan Lawrence for a special evening of soul connection and grounding through exploring the power of sacred sound through meditative mantra, Kirtan and sound healing.

Pineal Gland Third Eye Activation


This experience stimulates, activates, and awakens the pineal gland/third eye for spiritual expansion and deepens your connection to oneness.

$214 Off – Journey Inward with AE Body Alchemy

AE Body Alchemy Discount

This accelerated, focused 1:1 online series helps to move you past the things that keep you stuck: fear, anxiety, shame, guilt and regret. The primary vehicles used are archetypes, meditations, astrology, and the Akashic Records.

What is Healing?

What is Healing

When I first started receiving energy work (or “healing sessions”) in 2012, I had someone in my life who really didn’t understand what I was doing. I was asked, “aren’t you healed yet?,”  and I found this question interesting, something I still think about to this day.  The concept of healing as something we do […]

How to Start a Meditation Practice


Why meditate? With the fast paced demand of our growing world pressing against our free time, it can be hard to put aside a quiet moment for ourselves. This is especially true when we are asked to quiet our thoughts. The idea itself can seem daunting, and takes time and effort. It is, however, worth […]