Climate Cafe for Young Adults (3 Sessions)

Gain powerful insight, clarity, and hope while building a community together that may grow and continue into something else, if you so choose. As you share your experiences you will learn and continue to learn from the group, growing exponentially throughout the 6 weeks.

Thought provoking questions both during the group and things to consider between sessions provide for this depth of exponential growth. In addition, we will be building a list of resources for you to take as you leave the group, preparing you for your next steps.

Body Doubling Wednesdays with Morningtide Wellness: ADHD Coaching

Those of us with ADHD struggle to stay focused on repetitive or boring tasks and with starting, managing time, staying organized, and completing projects. And many folks need to continue working from home, but find it difficult to stay on task or lonely without co-workers nearby. Body doubling sessions are virtual co-working sessions with focus top of mind. We’ll take you through intention setting, a focused deep work session, and close with an encouraging check-in.

FREE for Well Connected members this week! All are welcome!

Advanced Brain + Body Clinic Ketamine TMS

Learn about Ketamine, what it is, how and why it works in supporting complex mental health conditions during this talk with one of the leading experts in the field, Dr. Manlove. Ketamine was FDA approved as an anesthetic in 1970. In the early 2000’s research showed that it has a robust antidepressant effect. Advanced Brain […]

Breathwork + Writing Workshop

We know that breathwork is a powerful experiential tool and process that allows deep self-exploration and transformation. But did you also know that breathwork opens up creative channels and pathways in deeply powerful ways? In this gathering we’ll be using the breath to open up our connection to our intuition and inner creativity and then spend dedicated time in our own personal writing practices to process what came up for us.

Top 5 Podcast Episodes in 2022

Wondering what everyone was listening to this last year? Here is a list of the most popular podcast episodes released in 2022.

Meet the Pros: Tara Block


Get to know Tara Block, owner and artist of Dame Errant Clay Studio encouraging intentional connection to creativity, self, and community for whole person healing.

Meet the Pros: Emily Holton

Emily Holton

Get to know Emily Holton, a therapist providing telehealth practice in the Twin Cities for those seeking support in anxiety, trauma, and healing in relationships.

Meet the Pros: Mindy Haukedahl

Mindy Haukedahl

Get to know Mindy Haukedahl, a licensed counselor and marriage and family therapist, offering specialized diagnostic ADHD testing and accommodation planning and Brain-Mapping/Neurofeedback services.

Meet the Pros: Rachel Jensen

Rachel Jensen

Get to know Rachel Jensen. Working with Breathwork, Acupuncture, and Ancestral Connection in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas.

Breathwork, Embodiment & Reiki Energy Healing

Conscious, connected breathwork can help move stagnant, suppressed, or overwhelming energy and emotions through the body by over-oxygenating the nervous system. Clear energy and emotions that no longer serve you to create more capacity to live from your heart.