Breathwork, Embodiment & Reiki Energy Healing

Conscious, connected breathwork can help move stagnant, suppressed, or overwhelming energy and emotions through the body by over-oxygenating the nervous system. Clear energy and emotions that no longer serve you to create more capacity to live from your heart.

YMCA Whole Person Wellbeing Open House: An Initiative of George Wellbeing

YMCA Open House

We invite you to journey our whole-person health and wellbeing vision. All experiences are curated into 5 dimensions of wellbeing: Nourish —Move – Reflect – Connect – Restore  You can journey the event however you are inspired to do so—because we understand there is not a one-size-fits all approach to being well. But sometimes tips are helpful to […]

How Hope Changes Your Nervous System


Amanda Leaveck helps us understand the biological, physiological, and neurological response to positive emotions like hope, peace, love, and gratitude–both individually and within a larger community.

Struggling with Anxiety? Try Using Your Powers for Good

anxiety and mindfulness

You’re going about your day, minding your own business, when suddenly it hits: A jolt of intense worry. Coursing through your body like an electrical current. If you’ve felt overwhelmed by this often-misunderstood emotion, you’re in good company.  And thanks to a rapidly evolving landscape of integrative health resources… you’re also in good hands.  Read […]

Conscious Creation Through Neuroplasticity


Neurons are the ‘thinking’ cells that make up our nervous system.  They link up in trillions of different ways throughout our lifetime to form neural pathways, or networks of communication in our brain.  These neural networks are organized to reflect everything that we’ve experienced in our lives thus far. Every time we think a thought […]

How to Start a Meditation Practice


Why meditate? With the fast paced demand of our growing world pressing against our free time, it can be hard to put aside a quiet moment for ourselves. This is especially true when we are asked to quiet our thoughts. The idea itself can seem daunting, and takes time and effort. It is, however, worth […]