Breathwork, Embodiment & Reiki Energy Healing

Conscious, connected breathwork can help move stagnant, suppressed, or overwhelming energy and emotions through the body by over-oxygenating the nervous system. Clear energy and emotions that no longer serve you to create more capacity to live from your heart.

Anxious to Awesome Workshop

Free workshop with Mira Binzen. Families learn quick tools and strategies to feel less anxious and more awesome where you need it most.

Breathwork + Embodiment

Returning to Your Light LOGO

Join us for an evening of conscious connected breathwork, embodiment and Reiki energy healing as we connect with our heart’s intentions.

Infrared Saunas Around Minneapolis

infrared sauna minneapolis

Winters in Minnesota aren’t for the faint of heart.  We deal with negative temperatures, biting windchill, and loads of snow that, while beautiful, can make our commute pretty stressful.  Saunas are a great addition to your self care routine in the winter, and infrared saunas in particular have been popping up all over Minneapolis and […]