Weekly Nature Play Group – Tots n’ Trees (1-3yo)

Are you looking for community? Do you enjoy time outside, or are you curious how to support your child’s development further through natural play activities?

If you are open to learning, would like to take yourself outside more often with your family, and are looking for simple activities that are easy to incorporate into your daily routines that will support the foundational skill development of your little human, please join us!

Rocks n’ Play Enrichment Program (1-3 year olds + caregiver)

Do you have a toddler who you’re curious how to support their development further while getting out into nature? This enrichment program is for you!

You and your child can expect 60 minutes of immersion in nature, connected, while engaging in developmentally appropriate games with an emphasis on rocks and other natural affordances to support your child’s body awareness, tactile and sensorimotor exploration, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sorting skills & social connection.