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Tamiko French Reimagines a Rave for Twin Cities Wellness Week 2023

Event Spotlight: Healing House, Friday October 13th 6-9pm

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Taking a moment to look around, you feel right at home on the dance floor. The DJ is putting on an insane Tribal House set, the dance floor has just enough space for you to move as you please. You take a breath in and still taste the last sip of your beverage. This is your happy place. Yet, something feels different. Even better than the last time. Difficult to put words to, but you feel more complete, more expressive, intensely present.

This is what multidisciplinary creative and integrative health enthusiast Tamiko French envisioned for her latest collaborative production, Healing House. An intentional production fusing core holistic health practices with party vibes and weaving them into an entertaining and expansive evening.

About the Event

The event will provide a supportive environment where individuals can explore their inner selves by making connections with various healing modalities, release stress, and foster personal growth. Through the integration of live art, wellness practices, and the powerful medium of sound, Healing House offers a holistic approach to well-being.

Held at the Modus Locus Expansion, Healing House is designed to be the pinnacle of integrative experiences. Bringing bodywork, sound healing, adaptogenic drink and alkaline food, and live art together for an immersive and transformative evening of personal expansion.

At Healing House, we believe that well-being is a tapestry woven from various threads of self-expression, nourishment, movement, and healing. Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere where you can freely explore different modalities to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Tamiko French, Soul Speak Expressions

Inspired by festivals and raves, craving to experience a party experience without caving to traditional vices that diminish the body’s ability to heal, like alcohol. Instead, the event is littered with opportunities to engage with substances that enhance the body and the mind.

Key Event Features

While at this event you’ll be able to. . .

  • Witness artists in their creativity but to create art yourself and add to the positivity of the affirmation wall.
  • Discover a diverse array of wellness practices including bodywork, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, reiki, and more. Meet a skilled practitioner that aligns with your unique values.
  • Enjoy access to alkaline water, wholesome foods, adaptogen drinks, and supplements. 
  • Bathe in sound, enjoy DJ Robins Brazil and special acoustic healing bowl session by Tamiko French.

Healing House is not just an event; it’s a sacred space meticulously crafted to foster personal growth, self-expression, and community building. The mission is to create an environment where you can explore your creativity, release stress, and find inner peace.They aspire to uplift your mental, emotional, and physical well-being on every level body, mind, and soul.

Held at the Modus Locus Expansion, Healing House is designed to be the pinnacle of integrative experiences. Bringing bodywork, sound healing, adaptogenic drink and alkaline food, and live art together for an immersive and transformative evening of personal expansion.

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Healing House promises to be the most integrative event of the season. Tickets are currently on sale for this event, register to save your spot. Register for Healing House Oct 13th

This collaboration is made possible by the Restorative Wellness Response, Kelly Shay-Harmonious World, Modus Locus Expansion, Tamiko French- Soul Speak Expressions.

About the Visionary, Tamiko French

Tamiko was recently interviewed on the podcast, listen to the full episode here.

Since 2011 Tamiko French has been a multidisciplinary creative with a background in dance performance and choreography. Additionally, creating jewelry and sharing her gift with communities abroad has been a sincere passion that is now her full time business. Her love for science, nature, and the magic between them is carefully synergized with each service she delivers. Whether it be crystal consultation, crystal healing, custom functional jewelry, or a unique sound bath, you can discover something that illuminates your soul.

Her vibrationally charged work has been featured at Rituals in Midtown Global Market, at various pop up shops, and resident at Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center where she is a teacher and welding artist. In 2020, she added sound healing to her array of services in response to the rising needs of safe calm space from the murder of George Floyd, and the homeless displacement where many volunteers and homeless needed some form of calm.

She has been accredited with the International Natural Healers Association and has been featured at SALT Salon and Spa, Abbott Hospital and Mother Baby Center, One Yoga, Watershed Spa, Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center, and George Floyd Square. Her current and future projects include “Youth Sound” healing events, “Corporate Reframe/Relax” sound healing sessions, and “Dancing Sound” session events.


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