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Tips from a Cannabis Nurse: Eight Steps to a conscious cannabis practice

A relatively new field, cannabis nursing merges medical expertise with cannabis education, helping individuals navigate the intricacies of cannabis use while prioritizing informed and integrated wellness practices.

Exploring cannabis consciously demands a mindful approach and a considered strategy. As a cannabis nurse, I share these top tips to ensure a mindful and healing relationship with cannabis.

  1. Know Your Source
  2. Optimize Dosage
  3. Consider Cannabis Fasts
  4. Set and Setting
  5. Community Sharing
  6. Balance Your ECS
  7. Enhance Spiritual Practices
  8. Seek Guidance

8 Steps to a Conscious Cannabis Practice

Know Your Source

Ensure your cannabis products meet quality standards. Follow the “FLOW” criteria—Flower derived, Lab-tested, Organic, Whole plant. Prefer and seek out products that are home grown or cultivated by Indigenous, BIPOC, or women for an aligned approach to plant medicine.Only secure safe products that ensure quality.  

Optimize Dosage

Cannabis is patient-empowered and individualized. Higher THC doses don’t equate to better medicine. Use the least amount of medicine for your therapeutic goal.  Consider keeping a journal of different cannabis chemotypes, doses, and their effects.

Consider Cannabis Fasts

For those using cannabis non-medically for rest, recreation, or spiritual practice, intermittent fasts can enhance your relationship with the plant. These fasts, as short as 48 hours, can transform your engagement and amplify healing sessions. This may not apply for those who use cannabis for chronic pain management, cancer, neurogenerative diseases, etc. 

Set and Setting

Intention matters. Before consuming cannabis, set healing intentions. Cannabis amplifies intentions and can be directed through breath to areas needing healing. Cannabis is love medicine and she’s a non-specific amplifier. 

You can heighten her through the energy of your intentions. Ex. if you’re feeling an ache in your lower back – imagine sending her medicine that way through your breath so you can release the tension and restore bliss.  Other ways to amplify your settings may be lighting a candle, using aromatherapy to enliven your body’s senses, or exploring new sounds, vibrations, and rhythms through music.

Community Sharing

People are more disconnected from their bodies and other humans than ever before. Many are craving connection. Remember set and setting from above?

Cannabis users are finding community in shared medicine. More people are being drawn to her medicine and away from alcohol use to cope with the stress of life. Lean in and share the medicine in community with like-hearted individuals seeking love and healing. Imagine what our world might look like if we joined in community, smoked a joint together and focused our attention and intention on creating more love in the world, peace among humans and the earth, or healing for those around us?

In groups, energy is heightened, healing potential is increased, fostering elevated states of consciousness.

Balance Your ECS

Support your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with non-cannabis interventions like Omega-3 fatty acids, joyful movement, chiropractic care, massage, and energy medicine.

The Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, is the largest cell receptor network in the physical body and is present in all major organ systems. ECS is a key player in balancing the flow of neurotransmitters in the brain and is made up of naturally occurring molecules called endocannabinoids.

One such molecule is anandamide – the “bliss molecule.” Bliss is a feeling that eludes many of us in our over-stressed, overstimulated world.

A diet rich in the following foods will support your ECS system to naturally generate the body’s bliss molecule: Omega-3 fatty acids, greens, beans, berries, mushrooms, onions, and seeds. Other ways to create and elevate states of bliss include joyful movement, chiropractic care, massage, and energy. Bliss is the cure for what ails you!  

Enhance Spiritual Practices

Integrate cannabis into spiritual activities like writing, creativity practices, breathwork, yoga, ritual or meditation for amplified healing experiences.

Cannabis is an entheogen – a substance that creates new or elevated states of consciousness and can connect us to the divine within ourselves. Invite her into your sacred spirituality practices, whatever those may be (writing, creative outlets, breathwork, yoga, body-based healing modalities, meditations, community rituals, etc.).

Pairing cannabis with these activities will enhance and amplify the plant’s healing potential. For example, the first time I heard my inner voice, I was high at a breathwork session! See what she reveals to you as a valued partner in your spiritual practice.     

Seek Guidance

Cannabis as medicine involves a vast realm of knowledge. Connect with others who currently utilize cannabis in a way that resonates with your healing intentions and values and learn from them. Find knowledgeable, trained sources who can guide you in your cannabis journey, as there is a lot to know – especially for newer or curious users. 

Different administration methods, cannabinoids, and genetic properties of medicine need consideration. Thankfully, a cannabis nurse guide can assist in navigating this complex landscape.

A cannabis nurse can guide you in through the pros and cons on methods of administration (topical, oral, inhalation, etc.), various cannabanoids (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN), and different chemotypes of medicine (genetics of the medicine) to design the desired experience. 

They can also help you source safe and effective products. The cannabis industry wants to sell youa product, and not all dispensaries treat cannabis as sacred plant medicine, so relying on a budtender to find the right medicine can be a frustrating and confusing.

You got this!

While you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information to consider when beginning a cannabis practice or redefining your existing relationship her, know there are trusted resources to help you navigate. 

Hear more about what Katie has to say on this topic during her interview on the podcast.

More about the Author, Katie Gross

Katie Gross, founder of Your Higher Path Healing and retired RN started her journey with the cannabis plant ten years ago during a peak time of spiritual development.  Her relationship with cannabis as plant medicine has evolved and become one of her primary spiritual practices.  Katie shares her love of cannabis as medicine and spirituality with canna-curious clients through cannabis consults, private 1:1 cannabis healing sessions, and monthly in-community meditations via Zoom. 

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