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Top 5 Podcast Episodes in 2022

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The Well Connected Twin Cities podcast is the easiest way to continue discovering what’s possible in local holistic and integrative health. Throughout 2022, the podcast has covered topics from psychedelics to aging, and energy alchemy to neurofeedback.

Each episode, our host interviews local doctors and practitioners to understand what exactly they do and how it works. Plus, you get to know these professionals as multidimensional human beings. Practitioners often share their personal stories about how they came to their work, and what they’ve witnessed throughout their careers in integrative health care.

Some episodes caused more excitement than others. Here is a list of the top 5 podcast episodes downloaded in 2022.

#1 Ep25 Dr. Daniel Schilling | Reprogramming the Brain with QNRT

An Interview with Master QNRT Practitioner, Dr. Daniel Schilling who further describes the mind-body connection and how what we know about emotions, nervous systems, and the brain is optimizing the way we treat conditions and dis-ease.

Dr. Schilling is a practicing chiropractor and kinesiologist, and founder of Secoya Health in Woodbury, MN. Prior to studying Chiropractic Medicine, he had a career as a Mechanical Engineer. His work analyzing many different systems as an engineer has provided him with a heightened understanding of the interconnectedness of the systems of the human body.

Listen to the episode.

#2 Ep8 Kim Lovejoy | Mental Health Gets Physical

An interview with Kim Lovejoy, who leads us to a deeper understanding of our mental and physical responses to chaos, stress and grief, especially during this time of pandemic, and what we can do today to feel more vibrant.

Kim Lovejoy Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Specializing in body-based work, Kim explains how somatic experiencing releases trauma and overwhelm that has been held in the nervous system.

Listen to the episode.

#3 Ep 71 QNRT or Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy with Mallery Hammers

Get to know local Twin Cities QNRT practitioner Mallery Hammers as she talks about how she got started in the mental health field, what drew her into QNRT, and how it all works. Mallery Hammers is a LISW, and advanced QNRT practitioner.

She explains how we all have hidden traumas and emotional wounds that our conscious mind does not and cannot access without help. She does this work so that people can lean into their truest selves and live their most fulfilling lives yet!

Listen to the episode.

“When we heal individually, we heal collectively”

Mallery Hammers

#4 Ep 30 Joe Molinari | When Stress Messes with Sex

An interview with Joe Molinari, a certified sex therapist who specializes in helping people heal from sexual trauma and find ways to move towards pleasure.  

This episode is great for anyone who’s feeling frustrated with their sexual relationships right now, couples who are feeling like they’re in a rut or not on the same page, or anyone dealing with erectile dysfunction and curious about what support and treatment for that can look like.

Listen to the episode.

“Stop trying to find what you used to have, and try to figure out what’s happening now, with the body you have, with the world that you live in.”

Joe Molinari

#5 Ep 53 Anne Murphy | Supporting Death + Grief

Anne Murphy is a celebrant, home vigil guide, and death educator. In this episode we discuss why so many people feel unsupported through death and grief, and she explains what home vigils can look like. Anne Murphy also explains how home vigils and ceremony can help people as they metabolize their grief.

While it’s not a popular topic, death is something we will all experience. And in a lot of ways, when we bring awareness to death we can also bring more presence into our daily lives.

Listen to the episode.

We detect a mental health theme!

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